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    I had a great experience in the store when we bought 3 Pre's for the family on 6/6...but had a minor issue this evening. While looking at the store transaction paperwork to prepare my form for our three rebates, I noticed that the quoted plan price did *not* include the 21% discount that Sprint offers my company...and which I have had for four years on Sprint. The assistant store manager assured us that we would get it when we were converting my plan to a 3000 minute 3 line family plan...but the paperwork that I looked at this evening made no mention of a discount.

    One frantic call to Sprint customer service at 12:30 am and it is solved. It was applied initially...and they see it online. It just doesn't show up on the initial paperwork. The two Sprint folks with whom I spoke were super helpful...and the last one told me that he would call one week after the end of my current billing cycle just to reverify.

    Seriously, I have been on Sprint for awhile...and was on Verizon, Nextel, and AT&T before that...and the Sprint guys are knocking it out of the park at the moment. If you have any concern about Sprint CS, you can set that aside. They have raised the bar in this industry lately. Props to them.

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    Kudos to sprint cs lately. Dan the man...

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