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    In previous Plam OS devices on CDMA, like my Sprint 755p that I use now, you could set the phone to "Roaming Networks Only". Can you do that on the Pre? Is that option avalible? I live in Savannah, Ga., and Sprint doesn't have EVDO here yet (it sucks because EVDO is all around us, even in smaller cities!), and the only way to get high speed data, is to roam off Verizon/Alltel services.
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    DJRAW, Are you sure that your 755p has the option to select roaming options?
    My 755p is with Telus and it does not have a "roaming choice" at all.
    Unfortunately I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario and my Treo seems to capture an American cell way too often. As a result of this I get charged stupid roaming charges every month.
    Does any body know how to enable "roaming option" in my 755p?

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