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    I tried to log into my account through and see what message it will give me if I try to upgrade to the Pre. Apparently once you hit the "Upgrade to new phone line," you get the following message:

    "We're sorry, but the number you entered has been identified as part of the Everything Plus Referral Program (formerly Sprint Exclusive Referral Offer/SERO). Please visit Everything Plus(SM) Referral Program Everything Plus(SM) Referral Program to complete your Everything Plus phone upgrade, or you may call an Everything Plus sales representative by phone at 1-888-882-4030 to place your order."

    As of 2 months ago, I can still upgrade phones in my online Sero account. I guess Sprint is going full force trying to push SERO out of their database.
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    I was never able to upgrade over the site. You got lucky.
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    You have to upgrade through the website in order to upgrade when you're on SERO/EPRP.

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