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    So allegedly i plug it into router, plug it into power and let it cycle through til it turns all blue?

    right now the system light is going from red solid, to blinking red but not to blue, GPS is still red.

    does this mean there is something wrong or should i let it sit for a while
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    I don't have one, but I've heard it takes the GPS a loooong time (more than an hour?) to get set up.
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    It just takes awhile it took mine 30-40 min. Then all led turn blue
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    If after 60mins it is still blinking red you do not have a GPS fix which is needed by the airave to work properly. Had this happen to me because of the location of my router.

    What you do to fix this is use the included gps reciever with the long black connection wire hook it to the back the airave and place the black reciever box by a window on a flat surface. Within 10 mins all lights on my airave turned blue and i was good to go!
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    Well i am back and its still showing system red and gps red

    the system light is blinking red and the gps is steady red
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    is there anyway to tell its actually activated from sprints side?
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    Do you have your gps plugged into the airrave?
    Is your airrave physically near a window?
    Is your gps beacon thing near a window? Maybe try placing it outside your window like I have.
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    so now my gps light is blue but the system light is blinking red
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    nevermind now its working, i had to drag the wire outside, then it picked up gps and all turned blue, brought the wire back in and it seems to be fine now. very odd hah

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