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    hey guys I'm extremely sad and disappointed specially knowing the pre will only be offered by sprint for a while. I loved the phone and just like you I wish I could get my hands on one... to make things even worse my contract won't expire until october later this year.

    However all that hype about getting a PRE ended yesterday when I suddenly decided to show up at the sprint store to find out why my name haven't been called yet - I had previously gone to the store on Sat June 6th around 8:30AM and just missed the last number, around 9 AM or so I had the chance to put my name on the so called "waiting list".

    My neighbor who went there on sunday got his phone call last Thurs (I thought that was weird but I was just happy I could play with his phone.. I know sounds like a lil kid but I that's exactly how I felt after all I've been loyal to sprint and waiting for this phone for a long time).

    Well long story short they told me I was at the top of the list and would be calling me soon (of course I didn't tell them about my neighbor). Anyway it turned out that this girl I was talking to was actually there to pick up her phone and she wasn't even on the "waiting list" until Wed and the same goes for the other guy that was activating his phone in fact without even asking any question he said well I am a current ATT customer and this is my second toy a gift to myself and yes you guessed it the girl was also a ATT customer.

    so for all of you existing customers under contract with sprint still.... the wait might be a little longer than expected. Go figure!
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    I wonder if that is something that individual stores or even employees are doing in order to hit their "new activation" numbers and bonuses or if it was a decision by Sprint corporate? Sucks either way; but I'm just wondering.

    Anyone else have experiences like this? I'll be a new customer and I'm still waiting for mine but that isn't fair that I may get mine before an existing customer who got on the list first.
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    This is really too bad... Sprint had a chance to knock this out of the park. But with my poor experience, along with situations like this, as soon as the other carriers start price matching, Sprints existing customers that are getting hosed are gonna jump ship.

    I had been a really huge Sprint advocate for many, many years.

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