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    It's definitely hit or miss with Sprint stores and their employee's. The local Corporate Sprint store has the worst CS ever (I actually filed a complaint with the main corp office because of it). The VIP Wireless store I usually work with only has one person - the manager - that I can count on to get things done for me. If anything, Sprint still needs to work on getting people in CS and their stores that are actually willing to go the extra mile - just like blackmagic01 said. It makes a world of a difference and will go a long way in an industry that is known for poor CS.
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    i completely forgot! i should post this since i told a story of bad service. the first "hit or miss" line in the last post triggered this. So about 5 days ago i'm at a mall Sprint store and got very good customer service. no hassle, i just wanted to play with the phone. no issue. i got a tour and the dude let me play as long as i wanted too. Was very forthright in answering questions about the plan details, their supplies, the rates of delivery, employee availability, sprint tv, and no pissy attitude. But he's was probably 19 or so so maybe the crap that is life hasn't yet beaten him to a bloody pulp of dispair and anger yet. lol.

    as a sidenote on customer service. i forgot this one. i made a deal once with a surly coworker that from that moment on they should say, "Thank you" but we understood that it was code word for "**** you." He said "thank you" like a mad man for weeks. It was hilarious. People thought he was the nicest person.
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