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    I noticed that Sprint has a coverage map that supposedly includes a feature that displays new and planned towers. However, it appears to me to have been neglected or forgotten, since I can't find a single "new" or "future" tower noted on their map!

    Here's the tool:
    Wireless Tower Locations from Sprint

    Can anyone find a single "future" tower on this map? Alternately, is there any other way to find out if Sprint plans to build a new tower somewhere?
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    Sprint never lists their towers. The coverage maps don't show them, and they never post future tower information. Never have. Sprint kinda plays the "Surprise" game when it comes to expanding coverage. "Surprise! Your state got a huge expansion!"
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    That's too bad. I Wish they wouldn't have wasted my time with that map, if they're never going to update it.
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    Zoom to zip 63139....recent tower shown in West STL County
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    I believe Sprint sold all their Towers to a 3rd party, 9 to 12 months ago. They now lease towers as needed/available. I have one 3 blocks from my house, 2/3 completed for at least 18 mons, with no activity.
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    They now lease towers as needed/available. .
    While an outside company now owns some of their sites it should not be understood that sites are used "when needed/available." Panels, permits, wireline network connections, and permanent electric service is not exactly a "when needed/available" proposition. Any Sprint site will take time to deploy and when operational will be there for quite some time, for sure many years.
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