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    So after months of anticipation for the release of the Palm Pre I drug my family 20 miles out of the way, while on a 900 mile road trip to get to our family vacation, to get myself and my wife each a Pre on June 6. We waited in store for almost two hours before anyone was able to help us but were finally helped. The woman was very nice and cheery and made the whole transaction feel nice, notice I said feel.

    I was told I had to change from the Everything Messaging plan I have with data on the first two lines and basic service on the third line (my sons) to the Everything Data plan which is required for the Palm Pre. The first thing out of my mouth was is it the same price as what I am paying now and what features change? The woman told me it is the same features I already have for the same price, just have to change the type of package for the new phones. Obviously I said go ahead since I had no chioce if I wanted the Pre's. The sale went on from there.

    The manager was not able to port our numbers from our Treo 700wx's to the Pre's using their system in store, which we were told we had to let them do. So after an hour of trying I told them I would do it myself with Outlook like I intended. When I got the phones home I noticed that during their attempts they had erased all but 8 of my contacts, out of 400+. Fortunately, 95% were backed up on my computer.

    So after being on a relaxful vacation for a week, spending time with my family (and new phone) I got home last night to find my new Sprint bill. The two upgrade activation charges on it made me a little angry, I was told those would be waved since I am a "Premier" customer. Then I noticed my third (son's) line went from $9.99 a month to $19.99 a month. I picked up my Pre and dialed *2 immediatly. To sum it up the first CSR I spoke with was no help so I asked for Retention. Retention was of no help either in this matter. I was told that since I changed to a data plan my 3rd line goes up to $19.99. I have everything on my 3rd line blocked except phone use and texting because my son does not need data on his "basic" slider phone. I spcifically asked the woman in the store if this new plan would cost me more money and she to me "No". Well, she lied and now Sprint will not do anything about it.

    Sprint is willing to lose a 8+ year "Premier" customer over $10.00 a month. In my business if a CSR quotes something $10.00 in error then the customer is given the benefit of the doubt to keep their business. I could go back to my old phones and plan and Sprint still would not make the $10.00 a month and they would be stuck with 2 used Palm Pre's. Obviously this "Premier" crap means nothing and Sprint still has no concept of customer service. I will be going phone shopping at other companies today. I can survive the 6 months it will take for Verizon to get the phone.
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    I don't doubt you had a poor experience (I've had some of those over the years with just about every retailer I've done business with at one time or another), but to say that "Sprint Sales Staff Lies to Customers" is a bit of hyperbole. The staff at our local Sprint store has changed over at least 20 times in the last 10 years, and of those 20 changes, I'd say that more than half were good, decent, honest people. The other half... well, not so good.

    Currently, the local Sprint store here has a really, really good crew. I used to hate going in for any reason. Now, it's a pleasure, and everything they've done has either aided or helped me gain more from my cell phones while making sure I spend the least amount of money. To top it off, it's all been backed up by what I see on our monthly statements.

    Again, I don't doubt the veracity of your post, but I take to task your misleading subject line. Just because you had a bad experience over an extra line doesn't mean everyone at Sprint lies to customers. That's not been my experience in 10+ years.
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    I had almost the exact thing happen to me except it was the 1-800 customer service that told me I could switch my existing plan to the Pre. When I got to the store, obviously they said no and if I didn't switch plans, they wouldn't sell me the phone. I got home, called and was eventually switched to retention. She was the nastiest Sprint person I've ever spoken too. Normally, the 1-800 customer service is spot on. Not this time. After reading many posts here, it sounds like Sprint was expecting this. Now, don't get me wrong, I really love the new webOS, but this experience has also reminded me after 8+ years of loyalty, they will lose me as soon as this platform goes to another provider or the iPhone leaves AT&T.

    You know, the least they could have done was wave the 2 activation fee's on my account, but no. Sprint lost a lot on this one. Too bad, I've been happy.
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    I understand why you are upset, but once you compare rates at Verizon, you'll see how much higher Verizon will be for the same package.
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    I did some checking and found the same - Verizon is much higher for a level of service that is not significantly different here in Paradise.
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    If you decide to keep the phone, make a good sync back up, then go to and download and run that software ONCE only. It is NOT a symc program, it only transfers data one way, to your new phone. So start with an empty phone or your contacts will be in their twice. This will get contacts, calendar, memos and tasks. Pictures and video are a separate matter. Call sprint and ask for customer retention, let them know you are planning to leave over their mis-information, they try to make things right..... steve
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    why in the heck would any sane person try and make the transition to a completely new mobile technology during their vacation on the FIRST day out of the blocks? You were just asking for a problem.
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    You can always take the PREs back and have them put you back on to what you had.

    I do understand how bad it is for Reps to do this but in the end of the day all they do is Sell and there are way to many of them given the job for Sprint to be accountable for each one.

    So you have 30 days from date of purchase to go back or except the fact that there is a price increase. I knew what plans would and would not work when I switched to the Instinct and how much the add-ons would be before i even walked into the store.

    Cell Phones and Plans are big money and should be researched to the fullest and not just asking one employee what is what.
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    I think this thread's title is misleading, like an early poster said. I mean, every store is different.

    But honestly, I don't just assume that the salespeople anywhere know what they're talking about. Sometimes people make mistakes or hear things wrong. When I was asking about Pre's plans (which I did weeks before the phone came out), I got the brochure and everything. It says right there, clear as day, "$19.99 for each additional line" (after the two the plan covers).

    I totally get your frustration. I do. But if customer service adjusted their prices for every customer who was "told something by someone in a store", they'd make no money.

    But I still feel bad for you.
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