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    I don't understand where this meme came around that "only certain Verizon towers" are in Sprint's PRLs. PRLs cannot go to such a granular level, the most granular they can get is to a MTA which is far far larger than "a tower". You can go see the PRLs for yourself and compare them to Verizon's. Sprint roams fully onto Verizon with the only exception being the DC Metro on the negative list as of the last Sprint PRL I looked at. This is because the DC Metro has a fake MTA set up for it because Verizon wanted to control who could use it.
    Honestly i dont know specifics about PRL's but if i sounds like I was saying a PRL restricts tower by tower- sorry for that. I know it's nbroken down by some sort of region (called an MTA i guess is what you are exmplaining) so it could be just certain MTA's that are blocked up- but the real world plain and simple fact is you cant roam anywhere on verizon with a sprint phone.

    Try a new york city subway station. There is no in subway network like verizon does in DC- you just get service from verizon's 800mhz assets in NY and sprint phones just dont pick up that service. There are buildings I can get verizon service inside were i can't get sprint. Real world example- my partner lives off the beaten path in western NJ- we had sprint for many years- and he had ZERO service at his house. He would have no service at all the entire weekend. (rat B hid from customer emergenicies on weekends because he had no coverage- laughin) He switched to vz and he gets coverage now. So there's something that restricts sprint roaming on verizon in parts of NY/NJ for sure.
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    When my Pre was trying to roam on VZW, I was prompted to enter a pin to access their network when making a call. I couldn't receive calls either. I did have my AT&T phone with me and had to use that. So there is something blocking Sprint users from using the VZW network.
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