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    I am currently on a wait list for my new Pre, and my last reservation is about committing to a non-GSM line of service for another 2 years since I plan to travel to Canada in 10 days and South Africa in the fall.

    Does anyone have any advice about the best prepaid phone/service for either of these locations?

    I have looked into Fido, but I am wondering if there is one phone (Virgin Mobile?) that would be best to use when I leave the country. Canada has some CDMA service, right? So, might my Pre work in Toronto (assuming I get it before I leave)?

    Anyone have any ideas/solutions that don't include buying the iPhone?
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    I kept my 650 for this use.
    When it was new, I used the 650 in Europe for 8 Weeks.

    I got a Sim card from Orange I was able to:
    Get email
    Get and receive calls
    Photoblogged the entire trip
    Used the phone as GPS with Tom Tom European Maps (Picked up BMW Converible in Munich)
    Had a waterproof Bike mount for phone (for GPS)
    And keep abreast of the news at home.
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    You should be ok with CDMA in Canada. South Africa you will need GSM.

    I have a friend that is in a similar situation going to Europe this summer. He's just going to go to Target and get a cheap ATT or T-Mobile phone. Verizon wanted him to buy a dual band phone, which is ridiculous.
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    I am originally from Canada and I go there to visit frequently. Your Pre will work just fine up there in about 90% of the populated areas of the country. I've never had issues with roaming my sprint phone to canada. Just watch out on the data roaming charges, I make it a habit of turning off data except for when I absolutely need it as it adds up fast just doing background tasks like checking email and the like.
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    When I lived in South Africa, I liked Vodacom. These were the settings I had to use on my GSM Treo to get internet to work using their pre-paid SIM cards:

    Method 1:
    Connection: GPRS
    User Name: vodacom
    APN: internet

    Method 2:
    dial-up internet:

    At least these were valid a few years ago. Hopefully they still apply. I think method 1 was pretty much free use, but method 2 eats up your minutes.

    If you go with them, here's a few useful numbers to have:

    *100# (balance check)
    *100*01* (recharge number)
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    Great. Thanks for the advice everyone!!

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