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    I went to my local Sprint store today to pick up a Pre, but they couldn't upgrade my account because I'm on SERO. He said I need to go to a corporate store. Fine, I drive 4 miles down the road to the corporate store and they also said they couldn't handle my account and that I need to call customer support.

    It's not like I want anything special. I'm willing to pay regular SE prices. I would prefer not to go through customer support and change my account unless I can get the phone at the same time.

    Has anybody else had a problem transferring from a SERO plan? Any advice?
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    transfer ovr the phone and g pick the phone up in store like the rest of us
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    If you want to get your Pre before it's available online, I think the Sprint store employees will have to phone in to Telesales or whatever in order to deal with your SERO account. Best Buy / Radio Shack employees can also do this. Then they should be able to switch you over to either a standard or EPRP (New SERO) plan over the phone, and give you the Pre in-store.

    Best of luck to you.
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    i had a sero and went to radioshack to get my pre, and all they did was call customer service from the store and changed my plan over the phone, the radioshack sales person did everything for me, i dont know why they would tell you they couldnt, and i still kept my employee corporate discount with no issues.

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