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    Sprint used this palm pre launch to get people out of their old contracts and upgrade to the new plans. we have 30 days to decide if we want to keep the phone. the problem is that Sprint has turned off the codes for the old plans so what happens if we decide the pre doesn't make the cut? how do do we go back to our orig plans?

    for those of you that have successfully done this can you please share. did you do this in store, with sprint customer service or did you have to threaten to cancel your contract and go to retention?
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    I was given the impression, by a Sprint store manager, that everything would go back to the way it was. I'm not positive that he specifically said that the plan would be back in effect, but he said eligibility would be. Eligibility is determined by how long you've been on the plan (among other things) so between that and the general impression he gave, I thought it was clear.

    Next time I'm in the store, I'll ask a manager to say so explicitly. A manager, not just any employee. No offense, Sprint associates, but I've seen way too many of you guys say anything to a prospective customer, with or without good reason.
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    If you were on, per say a Fair & Flexible, it is an obsolete plan so therefore you would be SOL trying to go back to it.

    Good luck.
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    Impossible. You cannot go back.

    So Sorry..... read the fine print next time.
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    you cant we did away with the old packages
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    Which is why youshould keep your old phone and plan during the trial. Some people even figured out how to sell there old SERO plans.
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    I lurk over at a lot. There are people there that have opened a new line of service and got the old SERO plans. The catch is they had to have a old SERO plan still active to get a new one just like it. I'm in no way trying to steer traffic over there. I just saw a huge thread about it and though I would mention it. Just search the hot deals forum for Sprint. I know people say there is no way to get that again,but some over there have and they have provided proof. Maybe the OP should check it out.
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    luckily I was able to get my old plan back
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    Oh man, in my old plan I was paying only $10 for unlimited internet access. I was grandfathered. I was one of the original internet users.

    I gave it up for the Simply Everything Plan and was told I would be able to go back.

    But maybe I was lied to.

    Well, I pretty much decided to keep the Pre (I feel in love) even with all the issue and my one major complaint (posted elsewhere)
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    one way to do the test drive befor committing to loosing your old plan is to open a 2nd line and then if you decide its not worth it for you then just cancell the new line. if you like it (assuming you were out of contract on the sero) then just cancel the old line. kind of a back up plan to keep your old plan just in case.
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