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    Current Sprint customers: Are you paying full price for the phone (minus the 1 or 2 year upgrade discount, if eligible), or are you able to get the $200 price?

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    I got mine at $200.00 ($300.00 - $100.00 MIB)

    However, that was on a new line.
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    I posted this in another section:

    $549.99 full retail price of Palm Pre
    -$150.00 your 2-year qualified upgrade discount (the same discount a new to sprint customer gets)
    -$100.00 instant rebate from Sprint (only 2-year qualified upgrade customers or NEW customers get this.)
    $299.99 POS price (Sprint corp. stores and preferred dealers)
    -$100.00 Mail-in rebate (Which Best Buy gives you at the register, the MIR is only for new or 2-year qualified upgrade customers.)
    $199.99 final price

    Anyone who is a current customer who is qualified for their $150 discount who paid more than the above amount is getting robbed.
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    i paid 198 at best buy after tax because i had some extra reward zone points.
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    Bought 2 of them,

    $299 for first one
    $549 for second one
    $55.00 Touchstone charger
    $30.00 Leather Case
  6. #6 perks of being a rep....o and i had mine 10 days befor they were released to the public...teheheh

    as for pricing in my stores is 310 in store plus tax making it 321 (6% sales tax) then a hundo for the mail in rebate makes the final cost after tax 221
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    So question then. I have only had Sprint now since december and i currently have the Touch Pro. I went to the sprint store today and tried to get the pre, found out i was not eligible for anything off, Given because i was only there for like 7/8 months. but does that mean im paying like 500 for it? or does that mean if i sign a new 2YA can i pay the 299?
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    $299 for one...$249 for the next two...$100 rebate on all three. Yep, two cost $150 after rebate. Bizarre, but we were setting up a family plan and I brought my wife and daughter over from T-mobile and the store manager gave us a $50 per phone bonus for their two lines. I was shocked.

    Perhaps buying three phones, three touchstones, and a couple of other accessories helped.
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