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    just another example of poor customer service from sprint. I guess they really haven't changed all that much.

    Not sure I follow the logic but i guess it's some sort of way to control inventory in an attempt to be "fair". So no fault with the concept. But it is completely idiotic that they lock you to the area code (which clearly can be anywhere now a days) and not your billing zip. They should be able to look up your mailing address and see that you are local.

    Bigger picture it shows that employees are not allowed (or taught) to do whatever reasonable need be done to make the customer happy.

    Sad that sprint still hasn't fixed their customer service.

    (that said- if you are otherwise happy with sprint I wouldn't wait 6 months to go to verizon)
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    There's no guarantee Verizon will have the Pre in 6 months. Sprint says NO, Verizon said YES, and it's all speculation for now until we get some concrete info that's confirmed by Palm.
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    wow im sorry.. I purchased mine from a corp sprint store and I had a different area code then theirs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
    There's no guarantee Verizon will have the Pre in 6 months. Sprint says NO, Verizon said YES, and it's all speculation for now until we get some concrete info that's confirmed by Palm.
    And it may not be the Pre but some other device (which could be a good thing).

    I don't blame you. I would leave any carrier under these circumstances. I feel for you. Life has on occasion dealt me similarly unfair blows.
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    It isn't's the store. It's an isolated incident. Read my earlier post. Suck it up and get it somewhere else.
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    It's DEFINITELY that store, that's not a Sprint thing. I just bought a pre in California in the 805 area code, and had zero trouble with my 336 area code phone number from North Carolina, 2500 miles away. Sucks that happened, and I understand your frustration, but that was the store, not Sprint. Also, my store was not a flagship store in any way.
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    It's stories like this that Sprint should investigate and fix. They're so worried about users having a "Good Pre/Sprint Experience" that they require the proper data plan to take full advantage of the device. They make all Sprint Store reps go to at least minimal training for the Pre. But nothing is going to spoil your Sprint experience like running into a bunch of dopes that deny a LOYAL CUSTOMER because they are CLUELESS about basic procedures.
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    For fun. Try one more time. However, this time ask for the retention dept. If they ask what's the reason, then just say retentions please.Then tell retentions you're leaving sprint and why. I'll bet an app on the app store that this would help.
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    The same thing just happened to me. I live in area code 815 but I tried to upgrade in central Iowa and they denied. Good thing my contract ends this month. The rep wouldn't give me a real reason why he wouldn't sell it to me as an upgrade. Told him I didn't have a real reason to stay with sprint and I will definitely let them know their corporate store didn't give a damn about keeping me and my wife on sprint with two separate high priced plans.
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    That is odd. I switched from Verizon to Sprint for the Pre, and changed my phone number from 253 (Washington) area code to 347 area code (Brooklyn), but I bought my Pre in Connecticut (203 area code). All I needed was my driver's license, and the CT store set me up with a NY number.
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    My area code is nine years old and three states ago. Not only is it from a different state, I actually bought me Pre in another state. I was the first in line and got me phone in five minutes.

    What you encountered was not Sprint customer service but that local store's arbitrary decision-making process. I quit fooling with Sprint stores like that after my wife got her Instinct and found all of these charges.

    Try Best Buy or Radio Shack if you can't find a flagship store. Just don't blame Sprint.
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    I'm just finding this thread too...but I'm very interested...this must be a store to store policy. I bought mine in 802 (VT) with a 603 (NH) number. Even more interesting is that I got my 603 number...probably 5-6 years ago on ATT, then ported to Verizon, then 2 years ago ported to Sprint.

    This wasn't even a question when I bought mine. Huh.
    Loving the Pre...
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    I bought my phone in Seattle and I have had a MN number for over 5 years...I had no problem getting the PRE
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    Yeah I've had a Sacramento area code since 2001 and I now live in Charlotte but I walked right into a sprint store while in Philly and bought my pre. I would try again at a different local store.
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    i moved over 60 miles to a different town and was on the PRE wait list. Got it 1 week after release day, in my new town. They didnt even mention anything about a different area code associated with my phone. Click, switch, thank you for your purchase sir.
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    That is so strange. I live in Florida, but still use my Tennessee based cell number that I have had since college.
    When I purchased my Pre, there was not even a question about my area code.
    My apologies to those who have been denied. Or as Neil Young once said, "Don't Be Denied". Perhaps try another Sprint store in your area.
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    i work for sprint.
    there is no such policy
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    Im glad I didnt run into any problems. I have a 917(ny) number and purchased my pre while visiting friends in Atlanta. I went to best buy for the instant rebate I dont know if this made a difference.
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    this sounds like BS. i live in indianapolis, and my phone # if from NC.
    i had no problems getting a pre. i still have my Raleigh phone number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    Agree the store was hosing you, There is no policy, I know lots of folks who have differnet phone humbers from different states. Its not a SPRINT policy ,Its technically not "Sprints" fault as more its a morons who ran that store who knew they had more customers than phones and decided to screw you. It was the policy of the person who sold you a phoen but trust us it is not sprints policy!
    I bought the Pre at launch. My area code that doesn't match the area code of the store I bought it in. Had no problems...
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