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    ^^ O okay. Thanks
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    I switched on Monday from SERO 500 to EPRP 500, had no problems getting the Pre activated this morning.
    Just checked my Sprint account online, it's showing Palm Pre for the phone.
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    I ported over from AT&T.
    I chose the 450 minutes ERP, regularly $69.99, but my rep activated me with my government employee stipulation for even a little more off than the $10 I would have saved on the referral. So now I pay $60 even with the $7/month insurance included. I didn't even know that government employees qualified for a discount, but my rep checked it out for me and advised me on my best possible options.
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    What rates are you guys getting on the EPRP plans?
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    So I logged on to the Sprint chat just now and asked if they could switch me back from Everything Data 450 which was ignorantly forced onto me to the Everything PLus 500 plan I originally had. The rep is doing it as I type this and I am very happy that I am not being forced to pay $10+taxes more for 50 less minutes any longer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin C View Post
    What rates are you guys getting on the EPRP plans?
    It's $59 for all the features + 500 minutes, which comes out to anywhere from $63-72 depending on where the taxes are at that month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kasi1222 View Post
    I don't know the actual system code, but it is listed on the paperwork I received as "Sprint Casual Data" $0.00/month.
    I believe the actual code is PDSCASRT...if I'm not mistaken. (Stands for something like Packet Data Services Casual Rate)
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    the rep at the store started to tell me that it wouldn't work, but after i insisted a number of times that i was not an employee and it wasn't an employee account, she tried and it activated no problem.

    the rep you had just didn't know what he was doing and didn't want to try to activate it. go back and raise hell. get some free ****.
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    DAMNIT! I asked 2 people including the manager.. and he didnt even know what the EPRP was!! No one would activate it with this plan because "it wont work" and "Employees won't be able to buy a phone for at least 3 months". ****ers.

    Suggestions anyone? I have a sero phone still with them. The pre was a port from tmo.
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    Folks, how many threads were posted about changing from SERO to EPRP BEFORE you went to the Sprint store on Saturday.
    They can't touch SERO in store, online or phone only.
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    I am on Everything Plus 1000 on my Pre - I went ahead and changed from my SERO plan last week in anticipation of getting the Pre today, heeding the warnings of some Pre Central alarmists who indicated that waiting to go from SERO to an Everything plan could be dicey on launch day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patchs View Post
    Folks, how many threads were posted about changing from SERO to EPRP BEFORE you went to the Sprint store on Saturday.
    They can't touch SERO in store, online or phone only.
    I switched before and they still botched it due to the casual data thing. The rep made me switch to everything data. Looks like I should be able to go back to EPRP, fortunately.
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    My friend got a pre today @ a corporate sprint store on the EPRP 500 min plan and ran into the same issue. Make them call their national sales support number, and they should be able to fix it!

    I got my pre Friday @ the VIP party but still stood in line with my was good times and everyone was VERY happy to test out my pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omgitsroy326 View Post
    just went to this site.. it seems pretty easy to sign up.... anyhow how much are you paying monthly right now..
    What is the exact site?? How can you use the join up for a sprint discount?

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    Havent picked up the phone, but I have my 1000 EPRP plan @ 89.99 WITH the CONFIRMED 25% Credit Union, which comes out to $67. But now Im hesitant about the PRE with all of the issues. I guess ill still give it at least its 30 day due, before I move onto a BlackBerry.
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    I finally picked up the Pre and was able to get it added to my EPRP. The rep just had to remove the casual data code, as mentioned, and it worked perfectly!
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    mine on it with a 26% corp discount
    gunna convert over to a $20/mo employee plan in a few months when im allowed or switch back to sero
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan likes the pre View Post
    First, I love my Pre! Amazing, beautiful, obsessed with it. So pleased.

    Ok. They told me I couldn't so I had to switch my plan to the $69 Everything plan in store. I don't mind if this is how it has to be, but if EP is capable for Pre like I thought then I'll call/chat and fix it.

    Is your Pre on Everything Plus (the replacement for Sero)?
    Last week, I visited the sprint store in Philadelphia to upgrade to the Pre. 2 different reps advised me the system would not allow me to upgrade unless I changed to a regular plan. Currently, I have the Everything Plus 500 referral plan for 59.99. The rep told me that I would need to go to the 69.99 for 450/minutes plan… essentially paying $10 extra and get 50 minutes less. I was seriously thinking about getting the iPhone when I heard this.

    However, a buddy of mine referred me to

    They ask you for your work email address, but it honestly doesn’t matter what email you use. I ordered the pre as an upgrade to my contract, and I did not have to change my plan. I got the pre by UPS next day air. I would recommend going that route so you won’t loose your plan.
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