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    Had 3 plans on SERO (2 450's and 1 1250).

    Got $200 credit for "billing issues over the past 12 months" (think he made that up) .
    Got $70 per line for a 2 year extension
    Changed to Everything Data 1600 for 3 lines ($149 a month)
    25% Aliant CU Discount

    So overall got a $410 credit (which already shows up on and will be paying $111 a month instead of the $110 I pay now.

    And the most important thing will be able to buy a shiny new Palm pre in the next few hours without a hassle.
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    sweet deal.

    i have a free unlimited incoming plan with 400 minutes.. too bad they don't offer unlimited incoming as i get way more calls and i only use about half of the 400 outgoing minutes..

    i'd have to pay $60 more a month and get the simple unlimited plan
    i hope they offer me something reasonable (i have two lines) and both out of contract.
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    Do you have to threaten to cancel your contract to get a good deal?

    Here's my situation. I'm 3 months in to my contract and for me to get a Pre, I'd have to pay full price. I've chatted with some reps and had no luck. Customer retention may be my best bet.
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    On the website, you cannot do anything while your SERO account is active. If you try to upgrade your phone you need to go to the SERO site and they want the email address of the employee and a pin! Clearly, they are very serious about killing SERO in general, not just to thwart Pre buyers. My contract is till March 2010 so I am not expecting to get anywhere fast with any kind of big savings deal...
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