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    In September of 2008, I received a call from a Sprint Rep informing me my contract had expired. The rep asked if I would like to re-up for another two years. I informed the rep that I had no interest in exploring a new contract until the next generation Palm phone was released. (At the time Sprint was preparing to release the Treo Pro and the next generation phone with the new Palm OS was already the subject of discussion on

    The rep kept upping the ante and finally offered me the following:

    1. A Centro
    2. A Treo 800w for full price, but with a mail-in rebate
    3. An agreement specifically outlined in the notes of my contract to allow me to purchase the next generation Palm phone (not the Treo Pro) at a reasonable price.

    I didn't really want the 800w -- all my software was Palm OS and working just fine on my 700p. But under the new contract, it seemed I had nothing to lose so I agreed -- thinking I would get a chance to test out Windows Mobile and make a thorough comparison before Palm's next big thing became available.

    Today, I went into the Sprint store to get my name on the list for a Palm Pre. I was informed my contract contained none of the information outlined above. I was also told I would not even be eligible for the re-up discount for the Palm Pre because I had purchased the Treo 800w.

    I'm infuriated! I'm sure Sprint thinks I'm pulling a fast one just to get a Palm Pre. But I had my eye on the next gen Palm phone from the beginning and wouldn't have re-upped if it would have screwed me out of a discount on that phone.

    To try to help resolve the problem, the store rep put customer service on the phone. I ended up in a heated discussion right in the middle of the story and in front of several customers -- to no avail.

    I like to handle my business calmly and respectfully but I feel I got screwed by Sprint and one of their unscrupulous sales reps. I'm pissed. Hard to believe I'm a Sprint Premier customer.

    Hello Verizon?

    P.S. I didn't care for the 800w and Windows Mobile and went back to my 700p after about six weeks. I couldn't return the 800w because I had exceeded Sprint's 30-day return policy. Now I'm the proud owner of a phone I don't want or need.
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    Google Sprint's Executive Customer Care number and go from there. Call centers and store employees won't get you very far in this argument.
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    I don't know what you were thinking. When you get discounts on a new phone for signing up for two years you're signing up for two years. Sprint's policies are very clear. You're not eligible for another discount for 22 months. Sorry, but you should have known better.
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    Yeah dude, some reps are stupid at explaining things. But, you should have know that once you get a new phone you are resetting the clock for your next upgrade credit. I've had my Treo 755p for years... and never considered changing it for a different one until I see the new Palm that I wanted. So yeah, in a sense I don't think there is much you can do.
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    the reps sometimes say things they will do just to convince you to do XYZ.,
    they are on commission to sell you products -- the more they sell the more they make.

    the rep probably was BSing you about the "notes" just to get you to renew, the rep probably figured you'd forget about it.

    this is the reason i get the employess name and ID every time i call them.. i ask for this info before i even give them my number so they know i am serious and will follow-up if i have to.

    i never let anyone touch my account before I get info from them in case i have problems later down the road..

    if it sounds too good to be true - it probably isn't.
    you think they'd give you a free phone + discount and then expect to get another deal 8 months later? they wouldn't make any money..
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    The Sprint rep lied to you on behalf of Sprint Corporation. They would be unethical to not honor the deal.

    Ask them to check the records and find out the employee number of the Sprint employee that lied to you, and say you want to file a complaint against this employee. Do so calmly, and point out that as a result you'll be leaving Sprint as soon as the Pre is offered on another network.

    Ignore the trolls that say "you should have know (sic) better." They are trying to antagonize you. You were lied to, and there's no good reason you should have suspected they were lying. These trolls get off on trying to frustrate forum looking for help or support.

    Personally, if I were you, I'd cancel my contract and refuse to pay the termination fee on the basis that you overtly misled. Not having it in writing will make it tough, but if you have contemporaneous notes of the offer, that will work in your favor.

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