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    Alright, here's the scoop.

    -I'm with verizon.
    -My parent's are with verizon on a family/shared plan or something.
    -Overall, I want to switch to sprint.

    So, my plan with verizon doesn't end until October. However, my mothers plan already ended. She has just been paying month to month I suppose? Not sure.
    She said She would cancel her plan and use my phone to fulfill the rest of the time I have left. GREAT! So now I can sign up for service with Sprint and get a PRE anytime I want.

    Problem is. I want to keep my # number. It's actually very important that I keep the number! My mother wants to keep hers as well.

    So what do I have to do. Before me and my mom switch off with verizon. Should I sign up with Sprint first, buy a Pre and have them port my phone number from my verizon plan to my new sprint plan?

    From there my mother can port her # from her old expired phone plan to my verizon phone plan? After she does that she can then cancel her plan since it's done.

    What do I have to do in this case? It's all confusing because 2 numbers are being switched, etc.

    ***Also, If I walk into Sprint and tell them that I will switch from verizon to Sprint if they waive the activation fee. Do you think they will do it? Think they would toss in a free accessory?

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Not that I claim to be an expert in this, but the plan stays with the phone number, not the phone, on VZW (I believe). Therefore, there would be no way for you to port your number without an early termination fee, I don't believe. If you are willing to pay it, then they will port the number, and VZW will charge you for any access fees and the early termination fee. Your mother's phone doesn't have to figure in the equation.

    Again, this is just my understanding of the situation.

    As for the waiver of the fee from Sprint, best to ask. Never hurts.
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    Once you port your number over to Sprint from Verizon that will cancel your contract with them, meaning you'll have to pay an early termination fee. Since it is Sprint that is changing the number, I don't see anyway for your mom to take over that contract since it is tied to the number, not the phone (I just found that out with Sprint). You can change you phone any number of times, but once you take it another carrier, you have ended your relationship with that company. You might talk to Verizon about letting your mom take over the contract and keeping her number but I dont' think they will. Once they put her number on your contract, your old number will not available for porting to another carrier. Really interesting situation. Your best bet would be asking a Sprint store rep if they would let you port a number that is inactive. I do know that after you cancel a number with a company, there is a period of time that that number will not be available to be reassigned to any other phone. Good luck.

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    Ahhh! I really really need to switch this number. If waiting til october is what I have to do, then I will wait til October. Software will be well on its way to be updated I'm sure.

    Anyways. So let's say October comes, right. My verizon Plan ends! So I will not have to deal with an early termination fee. so after my plan ends I decide to use it for one more month. At the end of that month am I able to walk into Sprint, and say... This number is attached to this plan on Verizon. I want that number on sprint. Can it be ported over like that? Also, I will not have to worry about ETF because my plan will be already done with...

    *Sigh* I have this number on business cards and all that stuff. I really need this number, haha.
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    You are correct. Once the term of your contract is up, then you can just walk into sprint, and they will port the number for you.

    Just remember, there is speculation that the Pre will be on Verizon sometime early next year.
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    Awesome. Thanks a lot. Looks like I will be waiting until October. So sad... That's 5 months away. Oh well. It will give me a lot of time to sit back and watch the pre and see how it all goes down...

    Yeah, I heard about it going to verizon. Thing is. Verizon has all these terrible surcharges. Like seriously. I'm on a 39.99 plan right now. 10 dollar for text, pic, etc. 5 for insurance. and then all these .27 charge, .35 charge. It's ridiculous.

    Sprint seems like a solid carrier. It's through the roof as the map with service area shows. I typed in where I live now and where I'll be living in NY when I move out of PA. shows up there as best service. So yeah, why even bother staying with Verizon? They have nothing to offer me really to convince me to stay.

    Ya know!
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    This is exactly why I HATE contracts, and go month to month whenever possible. The get ya by the balls.

    Sprint is better and cheaper than Verizon. If there is Verizon coverage, there is Sprint coverage (voice for sure, and most likely data as well.

    Wait (I know it's hard) until October. Pre's will be abundant, and likely cheaper (I'm sure they will throw in incentives...remember when the iPhone first came out? A few months later, boom, $200 cheaper.

    You won't be alone; I'll be doing the same thing (waiting)
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    Good deal. I will survive until Oct.

    Alright, thanks everybody for the advice. Hope you all enjoy your Pres!!!
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    Okay... New question...

    So, The phone number is connected to the plan... right?

    Well, is this possible at all...

    Let's say my number is 555 and I have 4 months left...

    My mother's number is 888 and she has 1 month left...

    Are we able to switch phone numbers so that the 888 will have 4 months left and the 555 will have 1 month left!?

    You're not really terminating are you? You're just swapping? The plans are still going to be fulfilled...
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    It's possible. I've read about people who've swapped numbers among different lines they've had so they could port out a certain number.
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    I called sprint about this on my way home from work. I got pwned. THey turned me down.
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    I paid an etf. Think of it this way. Are you saving money by switching? If you put internet on your phone now would you be paying more than if you were on Sprint? If you are then you would be saving money by going to Sprint now. I paid an etf for my stepson and myself. I will make my money back in 3 months because if all 3 of my lines had internet and navigation etc I would be paying almost double. Get what I'm saying.
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    Call Verizon, explain to the them you want to swap the numbers, but leave the line alone. There's a name for this but I can't remember what it is. This would put your number on the line that is out of contract.
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    amartin, I get what you're saying. I actually crunched some numbers. If I did take the ETF I would be 75 bucks in the hole... and that;'s the cost of the ETF as of now.

    I keep wondering if I hold off until Oct. if some issues will be fixed. Of course, I'm sure a lot will, but I meant hardware issues. They have to keep making these devices, so I'm wondering if the units produced In oct. will be slightly different. No light leakage, dead pixel, loose keypad, etc.

    Yosh, I called verizon, they basically told me i'm stuck. I can't swap numbers on plans...
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    i think what yosh was saying is just a mix up. you can swap equipment but swapping the numbers on the contracts can not be done. The word he is thinkin of is an ESN SWAP ( i think lol) basically your stuck if you want your number and dont wanna pay and ETF. There are ways to get out of your contract w verizon but not keep your number....but its illegal in the end. at least the way i have seen customers get out of em.

    If i remember correctly...Yosh your a Sprint store manager also right? He/she is an incredible source of information. I would be happy to answer any questions you would like to ask a manager directley. Feel free to PM me.
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    I have the same issue, but my contract ends next year

    It looks like I'll just end up paying the ETF.
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    I advise everyone to check the terms of the service provider they are using. Sprint has a pro-rated ETF if you signed up after Nov 2008. i think i remember something about a class action suit they lost in California. the other carriers might or should be following the same if Sprint did actually lose that suit. PS sprint CS won't tell you about it. i am not able to post a link yet. but you can go to Sprints web site and look up ETF.

    Prorated early termination fee
    Use the chart below to calculate your exact early termination fee. If you are cancelling multiple lines on your account, calculate the remaining number of months on each line, locate the corresponding amounts and add them together to reach your total.
    Months in contract Months remaining Early Termination Fee

    0 24 $0 (If you are not eligible under the 30-day guarantee period, fee is $200.)

    1 23 $200

    2 22 $200

    3 21 $200

    4 20 $200

    5 19 $190

    6 18 $180

    7 17 $170

    8 16 $160

    9 15 $150

    10 14 $140

    11 13 $130

    12 12 $120

    13 11 $110

    14 10 $100

    15 9 $90

    16 8 $80

    17 7 $70

    18 6 $60

    19 5 $50

    20 4 $50

    21 3 $50

    22 2 $50

    23 1 $50
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    Quote Originally Posted by stuntingace View Post
    i think what yosh was saying is just a mix up. you can swap equipment but swapping the numbers on the contracts can not be done. The word he is thinkin of is an ESN SWAP ...
    Nope, there is name I simply can't think of. It's where you swap the numbers on the lines. Has nothing to do with swapping devices.
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    I have Cingular right now on a family plan (not the primary line). I dropped my Treo a couple months into the beginning of the plan and used the "upgrade my phone" option to get a new one. Apparently that reset my line and now our family plan expires in August, while my line on the family plan expires in February? That's completely ridiculous. I really want to switch to Sprint for the Pre. I wanted to wait until it came to Cingular but i'm pretty sure that would take forever since the Verizon Pre hasn't even been confirmed yet, so who knows when the GSM one will be available...

    Anyway, I'm going to end up getting Sprint for my Pre but I'll have to wait for a couple months anyway...

    quite painful.
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    Yeah, I called the Sprint retention department to try to get a lower price on the Pre, (I got one at regular price in the end) but they told me that since I signed up before November 2008, my ETF would be $200 and to get and Iphone (the phone I said I was gonna get) the plans would be so much more expensive that I would be wasting money. If your ETF only costs $75 at the moment, I would just go ahead and cancel, because you will make up the money if a few months, and you'll probably have a few extra features along with it as well.

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