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    ya me too I called them a few days ago for something else and they offered me a free airbox and free service and I didn't even ask for it
    Who did you talk to? I just called and asked about reception in my area (always been an issue which is why I have Comcast) and all they offered was to transfer me to accessories so I could purchase one. My need for something like this came to light over the weekend when Comcast came and went several times, and I couldn't even reach them due to poor cell phone reception.

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    Do you need to be off contract to get offered a free Airave?
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    I usually carry my vonage adapter when I travel abroad.

    I don't see a reason, why I can't carry airwave around instead. I can use my sprint CDMA phone (which is practically useless outside USA, GSM everywhere) to make calls to USA and receive calls from here. Great way to roam (in a very limited way) without having to pay for International Roaming !
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    I called up Sprint and got my free AIRAVE + 2 years of free service for it. I'm a new Sprint customer and the Customer Service Rep had no reservations about immediately offering me the device. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.
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    i got the device free and waives the charge for 6 months (). well the 6 months ended 2 months ago. i quite like the airave. so im trying to make them waive it for another 6-12 months.
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    the best time to call and ask is w/in the 30 days of signing a contract that way the deffinately offer the device for free to make sure they keep you as a customer.

    when calling ask to be transfered to retentions and tell them if they cant fix this for you then you might have to look at other carriers that may be able to provide service in your house. they wont let you walk away empty handed and it wont cost you anything in the end.

    PS you have to have high speed internet in your house like cable one 3 mbps or better. it runs off the internet connection. so no its nothing you could pack around and get better service with.
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    I just called and they are sending (next day shipping) an airave and service for free! No add to the contract, no strings attached!
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    I just received mine today and I'm noticing that the Sprint Network now says searching when I make a call. Calls still goes through but it just seems weird. I have 5 bars when on the same floor that the Airave is on but if I go down stairs or upstairs it goes back to the erratic bouncing bars.

    Sorry I can't figure out how to add a picture in here, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.
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    Who do I call for this? I understand it's retentions, but is there a specific number? My signal is fine in the den, but in my bedroom it sucks. That makes emergency late night calls from my data center tricky.
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    I just dialed *2 and talked to a rep.
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    the Airwave has been disappointing to me. It boosts my signal to make calls but will disconnect randomly and then drop the call in process. Has anyone had this experience? Any advice?
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    I called the Sprint retention line directly and in ten minutes my free Airave was in the mail. I'm a 5 year Sprint customer. Just got Palm Pre last Saturday. Works great.

    Sprint Retentions No Wait Time:

    Mine just arrived two hours ago. It's all setup and I get 5 full bars.
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    pre-occupied...what kind of high speed internet are you running? cableone or what? obviously it runs off the net so i would assume that if your connection you are running sucks, it may effect the signal too. so if you are running something like clearwire then it may be a sparatic signal from the ISP
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