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    I E-mailed eCare to ask whether or not purchased ringtones were transferable when upgrading your handset. Here is the response:

    Dear Curtis,

    Thank you for your message.

    For the Sprint customer has the ringtone capable phone and he has saved
    the ringer on the content manager on the Sprint website so it will be
    possible to tranfer the ringer. Howeverfor the not Sprint customer it
    is not possible to tranfer the ringer from the old phone. So your need
    to repurchase the ringer.

    Thank you again for contacting Sprint.

    Alan G.
    Yikes, dude.
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    Ha. Sounds like he copied & pasted an internal piece of information and didn't change it.
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    If you worked for peanuts back in Bangalore you probably wouldn't care too much for proper English.
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