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    I live in southern Illinois, out in the boondocks. There's no Sprint and no AT&T. We currently have verizon and some cell company that should just be called "Fred's Cell Service and Laundromat".

    What are the chances that the Pre makes it's way to Verizon after the Sprint deal runs out? I really want this phone.
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    I think that if the phone does well on Sprint, Verizon will likely pick it up but you're talking a LONG turn around time between exclusivity agreements and Verizon testing.
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    Sprint also sells a device that plugs into your high-speed internet router that give your home Sprint coverage. I live in the rural part of San Diego (although I still get coverage) and know people that have purchased one. It's completely indispensible for them.
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    Does this device cost extra a month? I know coverage in my area is a little on the iffy side with sprint, but I definitely want to get this phone!

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