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    keep us posted. ask if they will start allowing people to use the everything plus referrals soon.
    I think they should already allow that, as it's the same as the Simply everything, except a few more min, and $10 cheaper.

    What we are talking about, are those of us with the old plans of $30 and the like, that almost equal those plans. Only thing my plan doesn't have is the GPS and TV. Besides that, it is identical to the ERP minus the fact I pay $30 less. Actually more like $33 less since I also get a 23% discount on top of the old plan I have.

    I also wonder too, how many people like myself have not gone to the Pre cause we dont want to switch our plans. It would be interesting to see the number of people that may have bought a Pre, but because they like their plan didn't.

    For me it was a MAYBE get the Pre. But now I wait and see what can be done with my current plan and any new phone. This is why I am holding out, to see what can be done if I get a Blackberry Tour. If I cant keep my plan or stay close, I wait for another phone that comes out to where I dont have to have the Simply Everything Plan. Maybe i'll wait for the Touch Pro2. Since it is no Pre, and not a BB where you have to have BB data and all of that, it could possibly be my best choice as to keep what I have and get a new phone that can still compete with others out there, and one i'll like too.

    I'm trying to milk this as long as possible
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    not upgrading my SERO anytime soon, and staying out of contract to leave myself with other options
    Treo 700p--> New to Treo Pro (SERO)
    GO BEARS!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by quickstang View Post
    I think they should already allow that, as it's the same as the Simply everything, except a few more min, and $10 cheaper.
    thanks for the response. They are not allowing everything plus referrals with the pre. if you go to the referral website it will not let you select the pre and add it to your cart. i think do to "unprecedented demand." the only way i know to get one is on the higher plan in the store or some corporate discount. i don't have the latter.

    do to my finances at the moment it's that or nothing. plus i used to have sprint and hated it so the Pre is the only thing that would get me to switch back. unfortunately i'm posed with either waiting without any end to the wait in sight or going the iphone route or stay with Tmobile my current carrier and get a blackberry or something. don't really want to do either. but if they don't let me use my referral to buy a pre by august i gotta get a new phone. But i was hoping they'd give you a date when they'd start allowing it.
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