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    They have done it on two of my lines. I am having to call them every month now to get them removed. This last time, they say they won't remove them. I got really ticked and threatened to leave. Then I get an email that says they credited my account. They say they cannot disable international text messages unless they remove text messages completely.

    I left AT&T and switched to Sprint because AT&T could never get my bill correct. I had to spend an hour on the phone with them every month and it just wasn't worth it. Now Sprint is doing the same thing. Why can't these companies get a clue about customer service? At least they could get my billing correct!
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    yeah, customer service in general is kinda sucky, and with the economy in such bad shape it will probably get worse. I foresee a day when CS departments will consist of 12 zombies who can read scripts and 1 guy who actually knows how to fix things
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    Are you sure you're not inadvertently sending international texts? International includes Canada and Mexico.
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    We don't think so, but it is hard to know for sure. I have told the kids to stop using services like cha cha, where they can't be sure where they are coming from.

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