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    I am not ashamed or afraid to discuss this,yes it is I who is being removed from Sprint, I just learned that making too many calls to Sprint is not an issue< when I asked this , she said where did you here this? Truthfully I answered where & was told that is not true, that they are there to help us with whatever problem we may have. I appreciated that since I did not go to college to learn how to operate a cell phone. Now on Monday I will go back to the Place to activate 3.0 w/wifi so my computer will work. When it comes to getting & affording a phone, which will have to be a flip so the buttons will not turn the phone on is still a big mystery to me. Boost is sorta OK but the "candy bar " phones are of no use to me anymore, to save the battery & protect the screen (don't get me wrong I use screen protecters on all my phones).
    What's really funny, when I was returning from the VA Hospital< refusing another operation> I had a flat & when trying to call out w/my STP neither one worked, but going into the back pack & pulling out a 2 year old LG-160 my 1st pnone, & putting the battery into it uncharged for a year & a half it worked; same heat same situations as the STP(fully charged, both out of the back pack),it worked.
    My plan was established by Sprint, I do not have that wisdom to know how to ask for this plan(changed,destroyed & repaired so many times),which I was & am so very gratefull for.
    Now this is the site I've learned the most how to do everything,yes I go to other sites but this is my favorite. So if you have any questions that I may answer, I shall(but you might have to wait a couple of days until this PC is up & running again). Thank you for your questions & all the intelligence you've shared with me.
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    Not sayin she was wrong in telling you this but think of the cost that is associated to keep a call center open. if a customer is consuming a ton of time for a call center and getting nowhere to fix miniscule things and always lookin to get the better of sprint then of course they are going to drop you as a customer. Like i said befor, this would meant that you as the consumer are not happy with your service and that sprint is loosing money by keeping these type of consumers on the network.

    Now calling tech support and customer care are a lil different. tech support for issues w your phone is one thing but those calling in to complain about thier bill everyday is a good way to drive a business into the ground. that only wastes everones time.

    Were you constantly calling to have bill issues dealt with? Obviously if sprint is wrong in charging you for things then of course this should b dealt with immediatley but def doesnt take 22 calls a month for 6 months to fix.

    again i mean no harm and have no intent to try and call you out im just trying to make sense of this. Has she given you any reason at all to ditch you as a customer. You would think that sprint would be more than happy to take your money every month and not just say "later" to a happy paying consumer....

    Whats really going on here is what im looking for.
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    Hey you know I agree with that. Holly that's the name . Anyway, tomorrow I begin my weeks wait, ATT is bringing in High Speed, local & long, one of my numbers has already ported & to be honest I get a week off. I'm not going to miss Sprint they're paperwork is so screwed up, they're customer service is a bunch of operaters & the few good ones there in AT I wish could get a better job their talents are being wasted at a "small phone company' & I was right when their Big Man was in that cab with a computer in his lap, he really was heading out of town.
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    so basically you dont know why they r kicking you off the network? u havent ever answered my questions....
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    She didn't like my plan that Sprint had given me, is the best I can answer & no I didn't uselessly call. The letter she sent me arrived 2 weeks after it was written & 2 weeks minus 30 days = 2 weeks. & if I wasn't paying attention I would never have known about it.
    My plan was developed by Sprint, different reps didn't see how the plan was put together which caused codes to be changed & lost without me knowing about it.
    So my best advice is when you get a plan, don't touch it, don't call or it will be interfered with & you willl regret it.
    Hey I had a Great plan but in January a rep messed it up & that was the beginning of the end for me. I hope this answers your question.
    It's cool I'm getting ATT High Speed, local & long, I have one of my numbers already ported & I'm going to wait until the Fall to see what better phones come out.
    I'm cool.
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    If all you need is basic cell phone service, Tmobile may be cheapest. But I would try and get to the bottom of this issue, I've never heard of anything quite to this scale. I've had my share of bad experiences with Sprint CS, but far more good experiences overall. Every cell company has it's geniuses, and troublemakers, there's no way out of it, many of my friends are on Verizon and quite a few of them have gotten very angry with them from time to time.

    I'd try to resolve this, I prefer a carrier with pretty much recession-proof pricing and high-speed internet. As said though, Tmobile is also a really good, affordably option (I believe $10 cheaper too, though their internet is way behind, but if that's not what you need, they may be your best bet).
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    Hey thanks for that but I've already done my checking & I figure since I use google I think I'll wait for the G3, that's not coming out until the fall, so who knows what's in the future with better phones, so I'll just wait, use my land line, PC & carry some dumb little phone for emergencies & if you really want to talk to me it better be important. Hopefully I'll be able to take a break for awhile, we'll see. Thanks
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    i would be interested in knowing what plan you were on and the type of add ons you had on the account. what was your monthly bill coming to? Basically unless sprint was paying you to provide you with service, this just doesnt add up. somethings gotta b missing here
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    So, did it happen?
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    OK mr.det., had a plan that started 2 years ago, w/the troubles I had had, escalation, cancelation, AT to name a few added items to my plan. I started at $40/month, it's price was raised to $50/month w/no one telling me, I never complained, None of my plan was partial. I had unlimited web, w/1000 minute share & I never used my minutes being on 100% it's purpose was my Doctors & emergencies. I started with an LG-160 & purchased up to the STP learning how to understand & use these phones at my age that's pretty good with only certain sites to teach me. OK? Less than 7 hours to go.
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