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    As for the 4 Pro's well I'm selling 2 & it's the same at Alltell, you have to buy Their Pro, they won't let you bring your Pro w/you. ah the world of money
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    Here's a fast question: how can you buy an unlocked phone(CDMA or GSM) & activate it w/a carrier?
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    I do love my Treo Pro & don;'t want to de-activate it
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    Quote Originally Posted by palandri View Post
    Another reason why I hate locked CDMA phones. He has 4 Pro's he can only activate with Sprint.

    Quote Originally Posted by cscoot03 View Post
    Here's a fast question: how can you buy an unlocked phone(CDMA or GSM) & activate it w/a carrier?
    With GSM I think it's just a matter of changing out the SIM card. With CDMA it's a little more tricky, but doable. As mentioned in this thread some people have activated 800ws with other CDMA carriers. With the sure to come Treo Pro customized ROMs, there will also be radio ROMs coming. And you'll be able to flash to different carriers. (There are also some CABs made to make devices work with different carriers. I know it's so for the Sprint Touch Pro, but don't know if any are out for the Treo Pro.) I know people with Sprint Touch Pros that they use on other various CDMA carriers, but it does seem that Verizon might have made it more difficult than it used to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by cscoot03 View Post
    Thank You my fellow Americans but my military time comes from the Viet Nam war & people don't look good on us.
    I look good on you.
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    darnell, if which other carriers will let me transfer my CDMA Sprint Treo Pro's? And Dag Nab when the heck is someone going to bring out a ROM for our STP's??? (Alltell says I have to buy one of their TP to sign in w/them)
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    With Treo Pros I don't know, but you should post a question in the Treo Pro forum here, plus the Treo Pro forum over at PPCGeeks and the Treo Pro fourm over at XDA Developers. Mentioning the other CDMA carriers in your area. Someone may be able to help. I know some people have said when using Sprint devices (800w and Touch Pro) on other CDMA carriers they got the phone working, but had some trouble with data on some other networks. But ask around in the various Treo Pro forums.

    With the unlocker for the Treo Pro finally getting into the wild, even more options may open up in time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cscoot03 View Post
    Thank You my fellow Americans but my military time comes from the Viet Nam war & people don't look good on us...
    Well don't feel bad - I am also from the same war - It was an unpopular war - I feel bad for all that served in that war as we received no thanks when all we did was serve our country - I understand where you are coming from - I only did what my country asked whether they were in the right or wrong - you do what you are told when in the miltary as you are but a VERY small cog.

    Good luck in your quest - I think Sprint has the best pricing even without any discounts - so if you get decent service in your area, I'd stay with them if you could - dollars are tight and IMHO Sprint can save you money even without discounts.

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    Rock Solid and Stable - Sprint Centro and Treo 755p
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    Have you asked to speak to Holly's manager? Are you sure you have spoken to the person with the highest authority possible?

    I have a friend who just says over and over "That is unacceptable, may I speak to your supervisor" with no emotion, excuses, pleading, ect. When I have given up in tears, she calls back for me, goes through about 3 people and then hits success almost every time.

    I get emotional and the person on the phone gets me off topic and me on the defensive. they get all the focus off them and onto me. My friend seems to keep the focus on their unacceptable behavior without blaming them or allowing me to be blamed. She stays focused on resolution as if there is no doubt it will happen.

    Do you have an advocate to call for you? Once I had a problem with a bill collector for Mastercard for a bill that is not mine. A student called them saying she was an advocate from... and they immediately backed off and never called me again after threatening me the night before. She never even gave full credentials. They were just impressed with the word "advocate" and changed their tune fast and even apologized.

    I also am disabled and am on a very low income. I would be devastated if dropped by sprint. I would fight this with everything you have.

    Do you have VA advocates? Are there any agencies for homeless, disabled and low income people in your area? They often at least have student advocates. I'll bet you can find someone to help you if you ask.

    I'm not sure if you let them get you emotional, but if you did, get help. Once we get emotional, they scent a victim and go in for the kill.

    If none of this is helpful or applicable to what happened, just ignore it. I hope I haven't said anything offensive. Good luck!
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    OK I've found my answer. Do you know that the very next day after cancellation I was told by advanced tech I can go right back in the store & reopen another account & still use my same Treo Pro's?
    That's crazy but thats what I'll try & do & I'll let you know what happens.
    Just don't want to lose my STP's
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    Well we've been telling you to just go and try to open another account after cancelation all along . And being a new customer, you might even be able to get some additional perks out of them .

    (I mean at least see if you can get some free cases for your devices or something .)
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    OK OK< I just had to make sure < the only thing I'm wondering about is if they'll let me back in & it seems I"ll just have to make the most out of it & wait till the 17th but I'll tell ya if you don't know , it's not easy finding another place reasonable to go to, those other guys are so expensive & don't have very good plans at all.. Boost is the best but their phone's are crap. so wish me luck. Yes I did talk to my lawyer & he's ready but I'm not sure if I'm ready to fight another war, so if I get back in renasonce has prevailed.
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    Monday I'll be paying my deposit ($50) & ATT 3.0 w/wifi will be entering my home. One more problem out of the way!
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    4 Treo Pro's, yet you have "minimal income"?

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    ok so here is what my district rep explained to me....
    if a customer is calling customer care more than 22 times a month for at least 6 months in a row then sprint is cutting the cord.
    Every time a customer calls tech or cs they are costing sprint $7 for the call....which for the average user is fine for them to pay....however at a minimum of 22 calls a month and for six months in a row that brings sprints cost to a minimum of 154 a month to maintaine that customer.

    over a 6 month period that brings their cost to keep you as a customer to 924. Plus any bill credits we will average that to 50 dollars a month in bill credits if you get 2 dollars a call, bringing the cost to keep you the customer for six months to a totall of 1224.

    now we say that you pay them 110 a month. that means they are paying 564 a every six month to let you use their service. do that w/ a .003 percentage of the 6 million customers that are doing this to sprint and that means that ever 6 months sprint pays out $10,152,000 to keep that 18000 customers that are abusing the system.

    Not to say that the OP is a bad guy or anything and no i cant see what his call history is to sprint, but you can see why sprint is trying to eliminate these customers and cut the cord. Its a win/win. obviously these type of customers are unhappy w their service and sprint is loosing money on the deal so they say here is your months notice, you will not be charged and early term fee, and you can port your number out.

    I understand the OP is a vet and i thank you for your services to keep me as an american safe and free. I have previous military experience myself and i do not look down on you as a Viet Nam vet, much like i dont look down on the soldiers in Iraq currently.

    However IF (and this is a big IF) this is the case w the op calling all the time then i dont blame sprint for doin this. It seems that He has found an alternative to dealing w an unsatisfactory experience w sprint and i wish you luck w your experience w AT&T.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stuntingace View Post

    if a customer is calling customer care more than 22 times a month for at least 6 months in a row...

    Holy smokes, that's a lot of customer service calls! There is no reason to be calling CS 22 days/month for 6 months straight. Clearly the customer doing this has made himself a bad business proposition and left the carrier in an untenable position.
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    exactly, and they tend to be the customers constantly calling for stupid things like " I dropped "A" call today and want to be credited for it"...its not cost effective for sprint to keep em around and as i said befor they are obviously dissatisfied about the service they are receiving.
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    long story short...CREDIT SEEKERS will get burned in the end
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    I can see people using that to get out of a 2 year contract.
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    absolutely if you want to put the time in on the phone and wait six months to get out of it....there are better ways that are a lil more effective if your goin to manipulate the system to get out of contract.
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    Just curious if the op has any news from sprint and if he can tell us if he was one of the customers i described earlier. not to humiliate you sir, and if your not comfortable posting on an open forum would ya mind PM me about this?
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