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    Just had an interesting chat with on online Sprint rep.

    Asked if there was a way to get a Share plan with data on only one of four lines. (I'm not interested in paying for data on my kid's phones, and my wife isn't interested in having it.)

    She said no, the only plans for the Pre were the everything plans with data, and you get the same features on all phones on the plan.

    I replied that it was too bad, that policy was likely to drive me away from Sprint after 11 years, because I wasn't going to pay that much for a phone plan. And that as fast as Sprint was losing customers, I would think they'd try harder to keep existing ones.

    Her reply: "Wait until after the Pre is released. I'm sure there's something we can do to take care of you."

    This is going to be interesting, I think.
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    Anytime you want to reach retentions, you call Sprint and tell them you want to end service with them. They'll usually connect you straight to retentions from that point.

    Of course, you're playing high stakes poker at that point, if you're not really planning to leave.
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    A suggestion, look at the Everything Plan (or whatever it is called). I had the same situation last year, 2 phones with data, 2 without. Ended up a switch to the Everything Family Plan was less expensive - reduced unneeded minutes and put data on other two phones. Kids don't use it much, but I'm saving money, have same data on phones I need and am happy.

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