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    _____Hi, I have been an avid Palm OS user for 5 years (Original Palm Pilot to Zire 72) and now (of course) thinking of upgrading to the Pre like everyone else . However, the plans for the Pre are VERY expensive an unnessesary for just web browsing. But anyway, I heard about the ERP plans and they sounded great (In fact too good to be true).

    _____So my question is this (assuming I have a refferal): I have a 4-line regular family plan, can I upgrade to a Everything Plus Family plan with 4-lines?

    _____I've tried to search out this answer on my own for about an hour but have gotten mixed reactions. First of all, Sprint's "fine print" says a bunch of incomprehensible stuff about having to add lines and if you have a current family plan you can get it if you purchase two devices. This leads me to believe that I cannot do it? But then again the people on the forums like the forum thread in the "palm pre" board called "Palm Pre with old family plan" (I can't post links) seem to think it's doable. Thanks in advance and I hope I don't seem stupid or confused. (well I am confused and some think I'm stupid but oh well!)
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    The best thing to do is go into a real Sprint store, not a kiosk or "agent". They'll be the best source of information, and can take care if it right then and there.

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    Sprint stores, from my understanding, won't touch everything plus plans. You have to call that department at sprint.
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    Thanks for the Replys! I'll just call the department with my referral number and see what happens.

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