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    Does anyone know if I'll be able to buy the Pre while I'm traveling outside of my home area code/state? I'm a Verizon customer and will be moving my number to sprint and starting a new contract with Sprint. I live in Mass, but will be in NY when it comes out.

    Any thoughts?

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    I am going to be in maryland and i live in nj don't see that being a problem.
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    its fine, if you go overseas or out of the country then you got a problem.
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    Just my luck. I'm leaving Portland Oregon for a cross country trip to Alabama on June 5th. Won't be back till June 23rd. I'm thinking about hitting some of the Best Buy stores on the road and see what the Pre is all about, and MAYBE buying one while I'm on the road. Who knows? I'd love to stick around for the 6th, but vacation is vacation.
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    I live in Indy, but will be out of town for a "Church-In-A-Day" project in Decatur, IN. I'm going to prob have to hit up Ft. Wayne for mine EARLY EARLY Saturday AM! (Unless I can pull somethin' off that Friday evening...)

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