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    thank god.......all this sh** is all confusing reading the palm pre launch guide.....
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    So I'm in this boat. I have a fantastic family plan. I've got the $5 /month internet on three centros and it's running great. I do not want to switch to these everything plans which will cost me an arm and a leg.

    Here's what I don't follow. Is there something in the pre that checks if you have an everything plan versus just having internet enabled in your plan? I mean if the phone was hacked to work on verizon, why shouldn't it work on an old sprint plan?

    The way I see it, can't I just walk into a radio shack or best buy and get a pre from them? They aren't interested in getting me on a more expensive plan, they just work on the from selling the phone , no?

    Will this not work? Will Best Buy or Radio Shack not give me a phone for around $200 for just renewing my contract, unchanged, for another 2 years??
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    the system will not allow you to place the pre on your plan..

    it will give the sales rep errors during activation
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    Everything family data 1500 for three Centros = $149.99
    TEP x3 = $21

    Shouldn't be too hard to get a discount of at least 15% off your monthly bill.

    $145.34+tax for three smart phones with unlt. text, data, TV and GPS is bad??

    I'm sure whatever plan you have now is great, but frankly the centro doesn't have all the cool toys the Pre has so stepping up the plan is a good move anyway.
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    i'm in the same boat Commander. I have a great Free and Clear lan with a 755p and my wife's regular phone. I really would like a Pre but so far I haven't been willing to give it up.
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