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    Im anxiously awaiting the Pre. My 4 year old treo650 is on life support. Im not really understanding the sero thing.

    1) Will you be able to use a sero plan for the pre?
    2) All I have to do is put in some sprint employees email address and I can use the Sero Plan? Is that legal? It can only be done online?

    I like this plan:
    Everything Plus 1000 - $79.99
    1000 Minutes
    Long Distance
    Unlimited Text Messaging
    Unlimited PIcture Mail
    Unlimited Data Usage
    Sprint Navigation
    Caller ID
    Call Waiting
    Voice Mail
    7 pm Nights & Weekends

    Ive been paying $40 for 750 anytime minutes + $15 for vision. Im guessing I wont be able to use vision for the pre?
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    1) SERO is dead. You can't sign up for it anymore. There is the Everything Plus Referral Plan, but that's not as easy to get onto.
    2) You can't use SERO with the Pre even if you already had it. It's Everything Data, Simply Everything, or the aforementioned EPR.
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    Thanx for the info.
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    Of course, nothing it 100% certain until the phone is actually available for sale. All that's being discussed is speculation/rumour/conjecture, nothing more. There was one tweet from an alleged Sprint twitter but that is all. I'd wait till after June 6th and see what comes out in the wash.

    (FWIW, there was this same speculation/conjecture/rumour about the Treo Pro, and they let the SERO folks in on that).

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