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    With all this speculation about SERO not working with Pre, I'm just planning for other options. If I get some family members together we can split the EP 3200 amongst 5 of us and it would be close to SERO for each line, but can we each pay separately? Probably not, but wondered if anyone else had done so...
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    One bill how you guys split it up is up to you. One person gets the bill and it is in one person's name / credit.
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    not to be rude, but thats kind of a dumb question.. like sprint actually would even consider splitting 1 bill into 5..

    why doesn't everyone just pay the primary holder? it would the same thing..
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    because it would make it easier for everyone, but because family plans are really for a 'family' I figured the answer was no, but had no idea. And when I was under my friend's account that was a sprint employee I was technically under his name but paid separately.

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