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    Nah, just able to focus on what you're saying:

    It's just your imagination, running away with you...

    Ha, they must love you at the office. Never gets it wrong Parsons.

    I'll send you a free ringtone in six months
    Haha, that's really nice of you it's almost too much considering you're subsidizing my plan now anyhow.

    Sounds like the Touch Pro 2 will work just fine with what I've got now. Be sure to thank the kids too as I couldn't do it without their $1,500 contributions.
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    in this video when they asked sprint what plan u need they dont say that a specific one is needed like the case was with the instinct... maybe they lost allot of sales making people pick different plans with instinct... from the video it suggest the unlimited plan because they dont want to see the csr get hit with overage charges and accumulating data charges
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