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    Activating a new line of service through My Sprint
    What's "My Sprint". I'll be getting the pre as a new line to an existing shared plan.
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    As long as you are in your upgrade period I believe it is free.

    I think the point is for those that buy several phones during the contract period from Sprint and 'upgrade' they pay the fee.

    If you buy from outside Sprint such as eBay you do not pay said fee but then again I think that is if you do it online by yourself.
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    A new line of service is a 36 dollar fee. Upgrading a line if you are in contract or not is an 18$ fee. Adding a new line to a existing account is a 26$ fee. These can all be waived at the discretion of the csr. Also, they are often waived if you purchase through telesales or from the website. Someone mentioned above that telesales would be cheaper to buy a phone through, and that's not true. The only department that will discount beyond the msrp is the retention/cancellations department. Hope this helps.
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