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    I'm not sure if other people know this, but I haven't read this stated in other threads. I currently am under contract with Sprint, and it isn't scheduled to end for a year, I was concerned about upgrades because the upgrade discount (relative to time under contract) was stated to be used only against retail price for phones. (eg. $550 phone with $150 rebate brings prices to $400, a substantial number pitted against new two-year contract rates).
    Talking to a a separate Sprint Rep on multiple occasions (just to clarify the matter), I was told that I was eligible to upgrade to a Pre at the cheapest price possible (2-yr contract). This was good news to me. As I recall, Sprint only offered discount according to "time served" off of retail phone prices. Discouraging retention (in my opinion)
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    I really hope that's true. I still have 1 year left on my contract and am definitely getting the pre.
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    It surprised me because I wanted to upgrade to a Blackberry a couple of years ago (on an old contract), but they told me that I would only receive a discount off of retail price. I didn't think that concept was great for retention rates with existing customers looking to upgrade
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    You are probably a Sprint Premiere Customer then. That is when you get an upgrade every year instead of every two years.
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    Not a Sprint Premiere customer, I don't "qualify". I only use a 450 Talk/Message. According to qualifications in a mailer[via snail mail] I recently got (which also happens to include an advert regarding the Pre) the Premier plan requires $69.99 3 month recurring charge or 10 yrs service. Neither of which are a category I fall under. The Sprint Premier plan has been around for a few months, but the mailer holds the latest subscribed data Sprint is releasing (dated "Spring 09")
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    Ive been with sprint for about 6 years now and only once have I waited the full two years to get the new contract price. About a year ago my wife had a Centro that the screen quit working, called up Sprint and the guy offered her a BB 8830 at new contract price, she had only had the Centro for 3 months! Sprint desperately does not want to lose customers to the competition and in my experience they will do what it takes to keep you happy, I guess that flies in the face of all the Sprint customer service is awful talk.

    In my experience Sprint rocks and I would not dream of switching carriers.
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    From what was explained to me by the Sprint reps, the 2-yr upgrade (after 22 months) price is basically the same price everyone pays to get a new 2-yr contract phone. In other words, it includes all rebates, instant price drops, and current offers. However, if you renew before that then you just get $75 off the retail price and nothing else.

    I can't upgrade till Sept so I asked if they'd do it early for me, and the response at the time was "no, we can't".
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    Persistence is the key my friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bartman0531 View Post
    Persistence is the key my friend.
    It would be nice if they did as my old HTC Touch is on its last legs... I had to hard reset it this morning because it would keep freezing or failing to do simple functions. It has been dropped and water logged before though .

    I don't really have any leverage to demand they do it for me as I am obviously on contract.
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    Talk to different reps. This was new information (for me at my branch at least) because as I said, they would not upgrade my phone at a new 2year price. Just the $75-$150. Which is crap against retail price.
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    Last year i bought my 800w and i still had 10 months left on my contract and they allowed me to get the phone for a new customer price + he gave me 200 bonus min each month...and that was the 1st guy i contacted at sprint concerning the matter. It's all about finding the right person.
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    I have 5 lines with Sprint and I am a Premier Customer. 2 of the lines that want the Pre are not eligible to upgrade and are only about 6 months into contract. Retentions gladly notated the account to say that both are eligible for 2 yr agreement pricing on the Pre as long as a new 2 yr contract is signed for each...done not going anywhere!
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    Thanks guys... I will give it a try again. Should I wait until the Pre comes out or are they able to make a note in the system? It should be mentioned that I have the old SERO 500 plan and unfortunately have to "trade up" to something in the EP realm. I tried using that as a negotiation point and was shot down.

    Any ideas?
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    Hopefully I can get something out of them. My contract isn't up until November or so but I will be picking up a Pre in June. I will also be adding a line, upgrading my plan, and buying a second Pre for my girlfriend so hopefully I can talk them into a nicer subsidy.
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    Last year my HTC Mogel was drenched and died. Upon visiting the local Sprint store they offered nothing beyond buy a new phone. I then called up Customer Service (I'm a Premier) and told them it would be cheaper to pay the $200 penalty and switch carriers then it would be to buy a new phone. They fell all over me to keep the 4 lines ($300+ per month) and get me set up with a BB 8330 and the rest of my family with BB's. Okay unit, has been very reliable compared to the HTC WM6 but looking forward to seeing the Pre. I gave up on Palm when the 700 came out but will try again. Good luck

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    Yea I'll try to let them know that my phone is really not working well (which it isn't) and that I would love to renew a 2-yr deal and change my plan (which I'd have to do anyway to get the pre). We'll see if they go for it.

    Advice on waiting till the Pre is actually out or trying to get them to agree to it now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by polodad1 View Post
    I then called up Customer Service (I'm a Premier) and told them it would be cheaper to pay the $200 penalty and switch carriers then it would be to buy a new phone. They fell all over me to keep the 4 lines ($300+ per month)
    The $200 penalty is per line. 4 x $200= $800.
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    I believe Sprint is wanting this phone to be a with that i believe that sprint will be more than happy to work with its loyal customers.
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    For everybody that has not been able to weasel their way into a new before their contract is up call telesales. They seem to be better to work with than the brick and mortar stores. Maybe it has something to do with their commission or the stores bottom line.
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    bartman, I am definitely calling the sales people first, not going to the store

    The store people were about as rigid as a lead pipe when negotiating an offer last time.
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