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    Are there any here who purchased the instinct and put it on thier old existing non-everything plan?
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    I was told when purchasing my Instinct the day after Launch Day that I would need an Everything Plan. I switched from my Fair & Flexible plan to an Everything plan.

    The customers I know who were able to initially activate their Instinct on a non-Everything plan had been contacted after the system found that they had activated a non-compatible plan on the Instinct and had to upgrade to Everything accordingly.
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    I know there are people out there who have activated thier Instict on thier existing plans... and no I am not talking about switching ESNs
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    ^ Yes. But whenever those accounts are caught they are "upgraded".

    The confusion as to why some people couldn't even after multiple attempts and other could the first time they contacted customer support is mostly because of unknowlegeable CSRs and Sprint old CS system allowing such changes despite rules againsts it.

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