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    I have to say, I hear a lot of complaints on this board about Sprint...what about the good things they do?

    I have been with sprint for almost 9 years now and have had nothing but positive experiences with them....over the phone and in store. They have bent over backwards for me a few times to make me a happy and loyal customer, and that's what I want now and then from a company that I deal with.

    Anyone else with good experiences? Anyone?
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    I like it. Five years and no issues with me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Kessler View Post
    I like it. Five years and no issues with me.
    That's good to hear. I don't see why so many people complain about them. Maybe they ask for the impossible and are difficult?
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    I have been with them for over three years and life has been good. They ported my number fine and I have had no issues with service or billing. The data plan was also very reasonable.

    I started with a Treo 650...but I killed it so I then used their Asurion plan to replace the handset. When Asurion replaced it with a 700p, Sprint switched me to 3G at no additional cost.

    Data and voice coverage has always been great for me in Northern Virginia.

    What I don't like: non-GSM. We can swap SIM cards on my wife's and daughter's phones without issue. When my daughter breaks her phone, we can get another one used on eBay and drop in the SIM card and we are back in business. I can't stand CDMA.

    My opinion: All carriers are going to have issues...and there will always be anecdotes about horrible experiences...especially with customer services. Hey, they aren't paying enough to have electrical engineers, computer scientists, and MBAs answer level 1 calls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lastdetailwd View Post
    That's good to hear. I don't see why so many people complain about them. Maybe they ask for the impossible and are difficult?
    To be honest, their customer service department earned the reputation they've got. There has been quite a turnaround in that department, but as Alli can attest, it's not all roses just yet.

    Personally, I've never had reason to call customer service except to add Vision service back in the day when I first picked up my Treo 650. That was a piece of cake and applied to the account right away. All three phones I've had through them worked admirably (some candybar Sanyo, the 650, and my current 755p) and I've never had problems with their service.
    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
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    i had At&t first then switched to sprint and i must say i prefer sprint and cdma more than gsm. pre iphone i had tons of dropped calls, now post iphone is when i had enuff and switched to sprint. I was scared to come to sprint but i made the move and got sero and i love it.
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    I've been with them for year, and have never had an issue: CS has always been helpful, and can't beat the data costs. I currently have 5 lines, and no landline.
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    I'm happy with Sprint and have been for 8-9 years. I have four lines of service, and I recently upgraded my plan to the new Everything Data plan. I played the long-time-customer card and got several free extras added in above and beyond the normal plan (6PM Night/Weekends, free airave, 50 bonus minutes per month for two years for my primary line, and a few others).

    I had a few isses here and there with billing, but nothing customer service hasn't helped me with.
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    I have no real complaints. I've gotten good customer service almost every time I've needed to use it, their coverage is as good as Verizon in my area, call quality is good. I've been with Sprint for about 11 years, and see no reason to leave them.
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    Iv had sprint for about 10 years and as far as I can tell they are trying hard to change the service reputation that is the sprint name.
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    I started with Sprint on my Treo 600. I haven't had any issues with them. Their network has been great for me. I've traveled to various parts of the country, even Puerto Rico, and I've been pretty satisfied with the coverage. Data speed has been excellent, especially the EVDO/3G. Coverage is of course always going to be an issue for some folks. There are many rural areas that just aren't going to get the best coverage by every carrier. For those people, I say go with the carrier that provides the coverage where you need it most. No carrier has coverage everywhere, but Sprint hasn't been a problem for me.

    Personally, I haven't had to use customer service much, but the few times that I have, they have been responsive, courteous, and helpful, and in each of the few cases, it was something I did to myself--not an error on Sprint's part.

    I think people tend to have unrealistic expectations of the level of technical support they can receive from a Level 1 technician. The trick when it comes to good customer service is to get a customer to an answer as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, knowledge is expensive and hiring an entire staff of people that have the engineering experience to solve ALL problems is cost-prohibitive for just about any company. So that requires going through a couple of layers of support if your problem is more technical. I don't think a lot people understand that and they get frustrated when they aren't automatically handed to an expert to solve their issue.

    From a price standpoint, I can't complain about Sprint. They are by far the most reasonably-priced carrier in the market. They certainly provide the most bang for your buck.

    Maybe my experiences are not typical. Maybe they are. I can't say. But I am happy with Sprint.

    Oh, one more thing: I think there will always be more complaints than praise on message boards such as these. That's just human nature. People tend to post more when they have a complaint. Usually people come to boards like this to get information. Fewer come to contribute information. So the net effect is "lots of complainers".
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    I've been with Sprint over 10 years. I only stay with them because I'm cheap. Had good experiences and bad with them. But if it was just about customer service, I would have dumped Sprint ages ago. And their customer service still needs improvement. (Many of them don't know the difference between a Treo Pro and Palm Pre, Pro or Pre is the same word to some of them. Many of them are totally clueless when confronted with questions about device features. Such as GPS in a given device and that includes some members of their "Advanced Device Support" group.) Sometimes I see it as getting what I paid for. (They don't even provide a headset with the Treo Pro, not that I have a Treo Pro, but only a cheap service provider that's losing customers by the millions and trying to stay afloat does something like that.) My relationship with Sprint is rooted on one thing alone, I'm cheap. If anything else was my main stance for cell service, I would not be a Sprint customer.

    If they keep crippling features on devices, such as how they killed FM Radio on the Touch Pro. There may come a day I want a certain device feature more than I want to be cheap .
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    I have two plus years with sprint and I happy with the service. I dont believe there is a "best" company when it comes to cell phone service because it depends on coverage areas and service etc. When it come with sprint I think the negative feedback tends to stick out more than the postive feedback. Sprint is great for the price and supposidly the customer serivce has improved.
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    I have been w/Sprint a long time. My experiences w/Customer Service have been great since the Sprint/Nextel merger. I don't know if things changed due to the merger or if they just finally got their act together or I have just been lucky. Coverage has also been much better as I rarely have a dropped call. My brother, on the other hand, has had nightmarish experiences. He has stuck w/them primarily due to the pricing & hopes that he never has to call CS. Again, my experience has been very positive.
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    I have been with every carrier except T-Mobile. Sprint has been the best. I have actually tried leaving before but was offered a substantial discount which changed my mind. They seem to work to keep their customers (they have to) more than others. The only way I will leave is if my Employeer forces me to (we use Mac products / iPhones).
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    The Good: Data plan is reasonable and the coverable is good in most of the areas I travel except the panhandle of Florida.

    The Bad: Every two years when I renew my plan ( which usually includeds getting a new Palm something), I have to cross my fingers that the first bill will reflect what I agreed to. That 1st bill is just never correct and then it takes months to fix it. Last time it took 4 billing cycles to get it was it needed to be.

    The Good Again: Once you get the plan where it needs to be, everything is smooth sailing, like being on cruise control.

    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by speakeazy86 View Post
    ...I dont believe there is a "best" company when it comes to cell phone service because it depends on coverage areas and service etc....
    That's a very true statement. It really depends on coverage in your area.
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    ive been with sprint for 7 years. we've had our ups and downs
    but i truly cannot complain.
    i am a technician at sears, so i get 24% off my bill every month. not to mention free activation, which helps because i buy a new phone at least once a year.
    if it werent for that, i probably would have changed long ago. but now the network seems to be just as good as verizon in the places i go, and now they have a pretty decent unlimited plan. so im staying, at least for a while. no contracts are nice!
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    I've been with Sprint two years next month, Verizon (or their other names) for close to twenty years before Sprint. When I first switched to Sprint I couldn't notice a difference with their customer service, but they had email support that I don't think Verizon had and that way was superb, not that I called that much, but I did have to replace my 755 a few times the first few months. The last year, their customer service on the phone has been unbelievable with how great they've been. Answer the phone almost immediately, and take care of everything in one call.
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