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    Can you please cite sources showing that of the 1.3 million subscribers Sprint lost last quarter that most were Nextel customers?
    I found for all of last year but not last Q.

    Page 34.

    3.6 million losses in 2008 came from iDen, 435K losses came from CDMA.

    Lost 1.4 million on iDen, 381K additions on CDMA

    Additions of 389K (doesn't say which is CDMA but likely most is)

    I stand corrected, Sprint did lose some CDMA postpaid, but probably a gain if including wholesale/prepaid. A huge chunk of the loss was clearly iDen.

    I do suspect Sprint could have lost a lot more CDMA to iPhone Q1 this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayhay312 View Post
    The link below should help the iDEN vs CDMA discussion:
    Broadband Wireless News

    # Of the 49.1 million customers, 35.4 million are post-paid subscribers (25.3 million on CDMA, 8.9 million on iDEN, and 1.2 million Power Source users who utilize both networks), 4.3 million prepaid subscribers (3.5 million on iDEN and 800,000 on CDMA) and 9.4 million wholesale and affiliate subscribers, all of whom utilize the CDMA network.

    # The wireless customers losses include 1.25 million post-paid customers -- comprising 531,000 CDMA and 719,000 iDEN customers (including a net 94,000 customers who transferred from the iDEN network to the CDMA network). The company also lost 90,000 prepaid CDMA customers. The company gained a net 764,000 prepaid iDEN customers and 394,000 wholesale and affiliate subscribers. The company achieved total subscriber growth on the iDEN network.
    Thanks for the info
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    I suspected Q1 would have some CDMA loss but not that much. Over the course of Nextel acquisition though, a huge chunk of the loss has been Nextel users; only in last Q1 has net CDMA shown a clear loss. Boost $50/unlimited will help iDen for now. Pre will of course help CDMA.
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    I love Sprint ... I was lured into SERO three years ago and was a little worried about leaving Verizon at the time. But Sprint has given me great coverage, 3G everywhere I go, no real troubles with billing or Customer Service and even their current plans seem to be the best out there these days if you care about data.
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    I love Sprint, because:

    (a) they are cheap;
    (b) in my area, their coverage is better than AT&T and T-Mobile [in my opinion]; not quite as good as Verizon but fine;

    Only reason I've resented Sprint is they seemed to always have the worst phone selection... until now (Saturday, anyways)!
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    I really like Sprint for the prices on their plans and coverage where I spend most of my time. My only gripe is customer service, particularly billing. It amazes me how much time you have to spend with them to get your bill straight after making even the simplest change. I always have to set aside an inordinate amount of time if I'm going to have to call them for anything. However, they do seem to be trying to make improvements in those areas.
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