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    Been with them for about 5 years and it's been the best cellular service (coverage) I've had.
    I rarly deal with CS as shortly after becoming a Sprint customer, I discovered SprintUsers and learned how to navigate the Sprint service and get the most bang for the deal with Retentions if you want to get anything resolved.

    However, bang for the buck (like I said) is awesome. I basically have a Everything-like plan for the past three + years ...way before they were introduced. Couldn't be happier to be a Sprint customer.
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    Nine years no real problems, just occasional problems communicating in English with.
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    Been with them for 10 years - no real issues that did not get fixed pretty quick. They have given me free services over the past 3 years to keep my happy (though the free stuff seems to be running out now). Service is better for me than ATT and Sprint is less expensive - apple-to-apples - than either VZW or ATT.

    But typically, the "best" carrier for people is the one they don't have currently.
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    Studied phones and carriers for a year before going with Sprint and Treo 600 in 2004.
    I've had to replace the phone once as it hit the ground one too many times (my 600 was very tough) - they gave me a 650! I've had my complaints, but I've noticed as years go by positives and negatives seem come and go with all carriers. I'm generally happy with my experience. Just watch your bill for roaming charges - my plan covers all roaming, but they sneak in a few charges here and there. This is the same prob my Verizon friend was having that convinced me to go with Sprint in the first place. In fairness, I haven't had any probs for about a year.
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    I had some of the crazy CS issues a few years back. I thought about leaving a few times back then but couldn't find a comparable plan for what I was paying anywhere else. Lately (last 4-5 years) things have been pretty good. I get an issue here and there but nothing worse than what I've experienced with any other company (mobile carrier or otherwise).

    I've actually had Sprint call me a few times and simply lowered my bill and the few issues I've had usually end up with them offering me some sort of discount. 100 extra minutes a month here, a $5 monthly credit there, etc.

    So yeah, I'm happy with Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dougster123 View Post
    ...Just watch your bill for roaming charges - my plan covers all roaming, but they sneak in a few charges here and there...
    AT&T use to do that to me all the time, and it really ticked me off.
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    I've been with them for about 11 years now with 3 lines and have had a mostly positive experience. I get great coverage, great data speeds, and Sprint always has (IMO) the coolest phones. They have added some dang many discounts and free stuff to my account over the years that my bill is actually less now than it was 5 years ago. How can I complain about that?

    I was also with ATT for 2 years (had to carry a second phone for work). My experience with them was terrible. At the time I was traveling a lot and coverage was terrible. Customer service was bad and the available phones really sucked at the time.
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    8+ years with Sprint... 'nuf said.
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    I've had Sprint for about two years. No real issues. I'd had T-Mobile and AT&T in the past. As bad a rep as Sprint's customer service guys get, AT&T is a thousand times worse.
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    I love Sprint.. been a users for over 13 years
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    Was with Nextel before the merger, and eventually switched over to Sprint. Knock on wood, no bad experiences.
    Fortunately the Sprint coverage is good where I live and work, and getting a SERO plan and saving tons of dough really make a difference to me!
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    I'm really glad that most of you have had no problems/very few problems with sprint.

    Like I've said before, I have no real complaints. The service is excellent, never have dropped calls, always get pleasant CSR's, etc, etc.
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    I was with Nextel after Verizon took over AirTouch (which I really liked a lot)...Verizon was a disaster with regard to CS so I went to Nextel....b/c Sprint had such a bad rep at the time! Then came [I]that[I] takeover and a very long succession of very bad interactions ensued!!! Only in the last 2 months or so has Sprint improved to a level that I will most likely stay for a time. Where I was mostly in favor of leaving, I am now of rather divided mind on this issue....
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    No problems here...they've got the most bang for the buck. I always recommend them to people.
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    For the money it is great. I do not think they could compete apples to apples for the same price though
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    I love their phones, I love their network... But CS?
    My sig says it all. Too many complaints to list.
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    I had Sprint PCS back from 1996-2002 and during that time period, I was very satisfied. Prices were reasonable, data was relatively fast and I never had any qualms with their CS. Granted it sounds like Sprint is quite the different company now since I've left, but their reasonable prices have brought me back and I am still as satisfied now as I was in 2002. Only reason I switched was because of my sister wanting a GSM phone back so she could import. Soo... In part, People have their differing experiences but as a whole, I really like Sprint as a cell provider. Pre also solidifies it!
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    I've been with Sprint for over 8 years. The customer service and network are great but as of 2 or 3 years ago the phones were much more exciting . I've been tempted to leave them over the last year over this but came to my senses and figured no use having an awesome phone that gets ****ty data speeds or drops calls like there's no tomorrow..(cough) Iphone (cough, cough)
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    I love it and I work for ATS
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