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    Ouch! Why such hostility to those with SERO plans? I think it's great that people have good deals with Sprint. I am pretty sure Sprint makes money on those plans (granted not as much as newer plans). I could understand if Sprint did not want to subsidize the phone for SERO users, but they should still make it available at full price. It looks like I'm in the minority, though.

    Full disclosure - I have an an old Friends & Family plan (not SERO). I am interested in the PRE and may get it depending on how it actually turns out.
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    As others have said, your intentions are good, but the method would be ineffective.
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    I too have a SERO plan and have enjoyed it for years. But I realize with these more intensive data usage phones, something needs to change. I started to justify the price increase to the fruit phone over the winter, and BAM the PRE was announced. So the increase in the plan costs went down in what i was thinking i was going to pay & i don't need to go thru AT&T!
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    Bottom line, it is Sprint's sand box and if they don't want you playing with their toys there isn't much you can do about it.

    Either change plans and get the Pre / other advanced device

    Switch carriers

    Stay with what you have now.

    It is pretty clear that the line has been drawn in the sand. Agree with it or not, get pissy or not nothing is going to change. So either deal with it or do something about it your options are clear.

    Personally I'm not surprised that Sprint wants to do away with those plans and limiting the devices you can use with them is a good way of doing it yet still honoring the plan. At least the choice is yours.
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    I think that if windows mobile 7 turns out to be as awesome as people say it is but demand is about the same as it is now, SERO users may be fine because it seems like these Touch Pro and Diamond windows mobile devices don't require the simply everything plans.

    Of course, if the next gen of winmo devices turn out to be TOO cool and TOO desirable, I fully expect Sprint to require the simply everything plan for winmo phones as well. If the Pre tanks and becomes a niche phone like the Treos, then I can see Sprint not requiring the simply everything plans knowing that no one would buy the phone if it required a data plan. It's all about Sprint wanting to charge the most for the most "in" products. That strategy did not work for the Instinct. It remains to be seen if the iphone is an anomaly or if the pre can mimic the iphone's close coupling of a phone with a special data plan. The more you couple the Pre with an expensive data plan, the more awesome the Pre is going to have to be. I can easily see the other webos phone, the super slim one, outselling the Pre even if they cost the same $, esp if AT&T does not require a data plan with it simply b/c people don't like being told what to do. Giving people a choice is a better long-term solution. Those who were going to get the Pre for data, would get the Pre + a data plan anyway. You didn't have to force them to get it. On the other hand, alot of people who want the Pre just for the PDA functionality or live near continuous wifi (like on college campuses) but wouldn't buy a data plan should still be able to buy the Pre. Exhibit A: ipod touch. Those are selling very, very well, no? I think that most consumers are going to call Sprint's "bluff". They would rather not buy the Pre at all rather than buy a Pre + a data plan.

    Again, the primary reason to enforce the data plan is not to screw Sero customers. They are likely such a small % of Sprint's overall bottom line that whatever they do won't move the needle much. Sprint doesn't care about SERO customers. They're like a fringe splinter group that's always just going to be around. Lots of bark but no bite. The reason that Sprint is requiring simply everything is to force people who want the Pre to buy the data plan. Did they not learn anything from Apple's wise decision to make an ipod touch? There's still plenty of people who want an iphone and many people who just want an ipod touch. I do not think that the Pre will be able to mimic the iphone's success b/c Palm has no context, really. If Palm had dropped the Pre when no iphone existed and come out of "nowhere", I STILL do not think that the Pre would be a raging success. Why? Because people forget that when Apple announced the iphone, the cult of Mac was at its peak. They had the context of the ipod's success, the imac, the macbook pros, etc. And they also had the macbook airs, etc. They had the powerful current of those successive homeruns in which to place the iphone. Palm has none of that. BUT they do have a cool product. Too bad that has very little to do with what sells and what doesn't these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gjlowe View Post
    Point taken... and I could go into ways in which Sprint did NOT live up to their contract, but I don't want to argue about this anymore. My feeling is that I should be allowed to maintain my current service and still use the Pre. If that is not a possibility, so be it.
    Their company, their rules. They never made any promises about the pre working with any certain plans. They have plenty of phones you can use with your plan. You want a pre you then you change your plan. No ones is making you buy a pre. And if you aren't using all these features then odds are you would get along fine with another phone.

    I am sure that there are gonna be people that find ways around the plan restrictions, but they don't owe it to anybody.
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    My husband and I are long time Sprint customers and we both have a Palm Pre. He got his when Pre hit Sprint stores. I have been able to renew my phone sence may of 2009 but I could not decide what phone I wanted. Sprint stoped selling Pre when I decided to get one so I got mine the winter of 2009 off e-bay real cheep.

    I am still have my upgrade but Now Sprint is charging the $10 data fee for all "smart Phones". ugggggg

    Now I am doing the math.

    I am going to "hot spot" our phones and nix our internet carrier if the "hot spot" works for us.

    Good luck to me.
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