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    I just called *2 and went to "Cancel/Terminate".

    Representatives there have been trained that the Pre is not compatible with any plan without the word "EVERYTHING" in it, unless you're actually a Sprint employee.

    But I did get the pithy consolation pep talk :
    "I wish I could get that pre phone too, but my family says I can't."
    "We're the only carrier ever going to 4G, so we need the extra money."
    "Our system has all the codes stripped out of it relating to the old SERO."

    So you're not going to get anything out of Retentions but an ETF and sob stories about how they need more of your money.
    There's always hope. I wonder if the people you talked to would give you the option of purchasing the Pre outright and let you keep your plan? That is something that I'm sure they don't hear everyday.

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    Believe me, out of the 4-5 managers I spoke to, no one budged.
    Paying outright for the phone won't make the slightest difference.

    They've backtracked on some of the old "hardware subsidy" rhetoric, and have been now trained to talk about the costs of upgrading their entire network to 4G.

    Even though the pre is still only a EVDO rev.A phone.
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