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    I have been with Sprint for 6 years and have been treated well by customer service. I have never had a problem that has not been fixed in a manner that I thought was beneficial to both sides.
    I have been the owner of 4 "Smartphones" and will continue down the path of using converged devices.
    My complaint now is the area I live in is still using the slower 1X data connection. I have been told repeatedly that CDMA is coming, but over the last 3 years nothing has changed. Sprint may be the "Now" service, or things may move at "SprintSpeed," but, I have yet to see it.

    I am moving at SprintSpeed using the "Not Now" service.

    Can any of you help me with ideas?
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    why not check over at an see if you can find one of the mid level sprint people to give you an idea when and if your area is scheduled for evdo?

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