View Poll Results: How will the availability of SERO affect your decision to purchase a Pre?

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  • I have SERO & will purchase the Pre even if I can't keep my SERO plan

    9 6.92%
  • I have SERO & will not purchase the Pre if I can't keep my SERO plan

    48 36.92%
  • I don't have SERO but if it's not available with the Pre, I may not purchase it

    2 1.54%
  • I don't have SERO and am not concerned about its availability with the Pre

    44 33.85%
  • I just don't care

    13 10.00%
  • What's SERO?

    14 10.77%
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    dee eee dee ..... DEAD
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    Sprint Employee Referral Offer
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    To quote your previous thread :"These topics are worthless."
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    Dammit you guys are worthless.
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    dont hate bro. this are serious thread. palm pre is going to change teh world.
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    Palm History: Palm III>IIIc>CLIÉ NR70v>CLIÉ TG50>Tungsten C>Treo 650>Treo 700p>Centro>Pre!! 6/5/09
    Phone History: Way too long

    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
    If you have an iTouch click me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Not a rant, just pointing out that I don't think anyone has made the claim that you must have the Simply Everything plan. Your quote below seemed to imply that you were under the impression that it was a requirement. There has been some confusion (including my own, initially) about the "Everyting" plans.
    Cool.. my apologies then.
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    If what the OP posted turns out to be true I will be one happy camper.
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    I can go to sleep happy now... I was worried that a new SERO/grandfathered plan thread might not pop up... mmmmm puts me right to slepp!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScrapMaker View Post
    I can go to sleep happy now... I was worried that a new SERO/grandfathered plan thread might not pop up... mmmmm puts me right to slepp!
    Haha, figures an anti-serites brings up SERO once again. If you don't want it brought up don't bring it up. Enjoy your slepp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rs4ftw View Post
    and what the hell is wrong with paying $45 a month?!

    so the new era these days is to pay $99 a month?

    sprint has a large capacity network., they make money on every customer whether you pay $99 or $40. the only difference is you weren't around when the deals were better!
    After subsidies (which on a high-end smartphone like the Pre are pretty substantial), bandwidth costs, roaming contracts, and maintenance on their very large nationwide network, they actually might not make money on lower ARPU customers until pretty far into the two-year contract. (and that's not even factoring the enormous costs they face in building new towers to expand coverage, and the looming behemoth of upgrading their network to WiMAX in the next 2-3 years...)

    I don't know if you've been paying attention to Sprint's business woes, but if they don't make some serious bank soon, they might not HAVE two years left. The Pre and other high-end, popular phones are Sprint's chance to move customers who have stuck with ancient plans that give them low ARPU numbers up to modern plans that can make them a bit more money.

    I can understand how people on the classic Fair & Flex or Power Pack plans might be a bit upset - you like the deal you have, and you don't want to lose it. Unfortunately, Sprint has decided otherwise - these plans are outdated and no longer valid for newer phones. Remember, you don't need an SE plan - Everything Data is a much better deal for anyone that doesn't talk much, and is just as valid for use with the Pre from what we've heard.
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    I currently have the Vision Data plan on my Palm 755p, it cost 15 now for unlimited data. They said when I get the Pre it would go up too 25 a month or 10 dollars plus I get my 20% discount.
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    what is the datapremier add on? and how much is it?
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    That's only for the mail-in rebate. The pro-pack has been around and a requirement for the mail-in rebate on smart phones for quite some time.

    As for their outage Sprint's official line was "technical difficulties." That can mean updates, or any number of things....just saying that's their official stance on the outage, and I don't think that they'd take their site down for maintenance for over a day to do updates.
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    I Rate this Thread 5 Stars.

    I think I'll make it a Sticky.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I Rate this Thread 5 Stars.

    I think I'll make it a Sticky.
    If you do,
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    Quote Originally Posted by prr View Post
    What is it?
    What exactly is SERO??
    SERO definition...... Oh, here it is:

    SERO - It is a cheap phone plan that was offered in the past that makes some full paying Sprint customers blood boil, followed by jealousy, then a fit of anger and rage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dave75 View Post
    Oh my god. Please search.
    Would it have killed you to help the guy?

    Everything Plus(SM) Referral Program

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