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    I have been using the USB Modem software for my palm Treo for a couple years now to get online with my laptop via my Sprint Treo 700p w/unlimited data and its worked great - never been charged anything extra.

    Yesterday I decided to try it over bluetooth with a new netbook and to my surprise, I didn't even have to turn on USB Modem on my Treo and it just synced up with my bluethooth on the Treo and got me online. Did I just connect using PAM and am now going to see a huge bill since I have no plan for it?

    Or is this something I should try to get away with as long as I can? My plan is an old 500 minute SERO plan (one of the good ones)

    Any thoughts?
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    So did your bill reflect PAM charges?
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    Nope I spent about 30 minutes on bluetooth and USB Connected twice over a month, and no charge.

    This is one reason I think i'm NOT going to upgrade to a Pre right away - I can't imagine they'll let you hack it like this for a while

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