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    First off, let me introduce myself, my name is BJ DeHut and I am a representative for Sprint. You may have seen me around on some threads, if not, hello!

    I recently read about a really cool 3G Data Test conducted by the Gizmodo staff. The part written by John Mahoney in NYC was particularly interesting. Using 3G USB dongles, the staff tested the signal strength in various areas within (including a suburban area) a major city. John Mahoney led the test for NYC and found some great results for Sprint. The upload & download speeds around town crushed AT&T and Verizon in the competition (the download speed was especially superior in Brooklyn).

    Any New York Sprint users in the house? How is your service treating you in the Big Apple? Who here is excited about Sprintís soon to be released 4G?

    Unfortunately, I haven't made enough posts to post URLs, but if you would like to read more, just search 3G Data Test on Gizmodo.
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    I work in NYC, and live just outside the border.

    The speeds are hardly impressive, though it is hard to tell, as Blazer is very slow when it renders, even cached data, and since the 1.10 patch the phone often loses its connection. So even if the 3G is fast, the end user will not experience it. Such a waste.

    And to be honest, I've been with Sprint for a decade, so I have comparison, though my wife's blackberry does seem to download email much faster...

    I'll look at the article and see if it makes sense.
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