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    I've seen lots of discussion in various threads about why people think that the Palm Pre will be saddled to a SE Plan, and I think it's pretty easy to see why you WON'T have to get a SE Plan when you get your Pre: Business Accounts.

    If Palm is going to push the Pre as a pro-business smartphone, then Sprint would be crazy to attach it to a Simply Everything plan. There are just too many contracts already in place with big businesses, and those contracts would keep the Pre out of the hands of any of the businesspeople they want to target. The only phone they have attached a SE Plan to so far has been the Instinct (that I know of). This phone is a consumer-centric phone - no one doing business wants an Instinct. Now look at the recent WinMo phones that have been released - the Touch Diamond and the Touch Pro. Neither phone has to be connected through a SE Plan. Why? Because they are business-centric phones.

    So, that's my argument. What's yours?
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    It's being pushed as a PROSUMER phone... not a business phone. They expect people to stick with WM TREO's for business phones.

    My brother told me you were getting a Pre.... well, I'll be damned! COOP + Palm.... weird.
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    I believe that the Treo Pro, well WM devices are targeted for the Pro-buisness users while they said the Palm OS will be targeted for Pro-sumers. We haven't seen anything official saying how SE plan is required for the Pre, only that SE plan will be pushed, but I'll push back and try to keep my original.

    EDIT: How slow I am, I got beaten by Pooh bear >.<, good job
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    I think Sprint will encourage and require Simply Everything (or whatever their newer plans are called) in order to activate the phone. It didn't hinder the sales of the Samsung Instinct and certainly makes sense for Sprint to push people to switch to their more "featured" plans (though maybe not as reasonable priced to some).

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    Either way, I'll be taking one of those to play with.

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