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    Someone please confirm this or tell me a work-around for this. I bought a Centro with Verizon and had the data plan. I ended up hardly using the data end of things so I cancelled the data portion. Then I received a $300+ cell bill ! The majority of that bill was for data charges on one Saturday- when I saw the date, I recalled that was the day that I hotsync'd my Centro to my laptop. Then I left it plugged in so that it would charge the phone. JUST doing that racked up $300 of data charges! I have spoken to many levels of management in Verizon and they say you DO get charged for hotsyncing and leaving your usb cable connected. Of course my local store says that should not happen...but they have no control over my bill.
    ANYONE HEARD OF THIS? IS THERE A WORK-AROUND? Back up to a card then get that info onto the laptop so it can update my Outlook? I'd appreciate any info if you have it.... thank you and BEWARE!
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    Simply hotsyncing your phone to your laptap and leaving it connected to the usb cable should not result in data charges. In fact, there would be no way for the provider to even KNOW you were doing either of those things, because the phone does not use airtime or a data connection for either of those functions. The rep(s) who told you that you get charged for those things didn't know what they were talking about.

    However, it does sound like the data connection on your phone might have been opened unintentionally in the process, and didn't disconnect -- and that would accrue data charges. Another possibility is if your phone entered some sort of "tethering" mode with the pc (where the phone acts as a modem), but I don't believe that should happen without you actually setting it up to do that. You should also check to see if you have any 3rd party programs that might be establishing a data connection.

    I'd keep pleading my case if I were you, to see if they could at least drop some of those charges. To avoid it establishing a data connection in the future, go to "Prefs," then "Network," and there should be an option to "ask before connecting to the internet" or something similar (I have a 650, not a Centro, so it might be a bit different on yours.) Good luck!
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    Hot sync. has nothing to do with the internet.The info.being transfered is stored in computer's memory,infact the comp.does'nt even have to be connected to the internet to hot sync,or to use usb to charge the ph..Now I'm not saying you did'nt do somthing else to incure data charges.Check on any programs that have to connect to the internet to update,like Express,news.sports,weather etc...Could you forgot to turn off or discountinue a program that connects to the int.automatically?It's an esay oversite..
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    Another possibility is if you set the phone to hotsync over the network.

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