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    So every few days I'm visiting TreoCentral for the latest info' on new Treos and/or WM devices, and every day I get more and more PO'd with my 700w, which is now almost 3 years old and showing its age.

    I'm pretty much locked into Verizon, since they're the only carrier that gets a signal in my building at work. I can get data via WiFi, but need a signal for voice in my office.

    - I don't want an 800w (too many problems reported here, battery etc.)
    - Don't want an iPhone
    - TreoPro is GSM only
    - TouchPro is sprint only

    WTF VERIZON?!!!?!! Get your collective butts into gear, and get me a new WM touchscreen phone with features the same/better than the TreoPro, and do it by the end of this year. Otherwise I'll just have to ditch your data plan, get a voice only VZW phone with a $30 no-data plan, and then get a data device (TreoPro or TouchPro) from another carrier for using outside of work.

    /rant over.
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    If you can live without wi-fi the good-looking Blackberry Storm will be out later this month on Verizon.
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    I'm annoyed with verizon right now, too. I really want to get the centro, but I just want the PDA qualities of it and chat-style texting. I don't need the internet or email. I have the unlimited text/pix/flix plan, but I won't be able to get pix on it without racking up data charges! I know I can change the settings so it asks before it connects to the internet, but still, I can't get a pix message without it costing me a few bucks a picture! They really need to re-assess their plans, and offer cheaper options and more flexibility, I wouldn't mind $15/month for the internet access like other wireless providers offer, but leaving verizon doesn't make sense to me, everyone I talk to has vzw, so switching providers would cost me more in the end anyway. They also need to re-assess their phone selections, offering the same phone in 4 different colors doesn't make the phones anymore appealing. They need different phones!
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    get me a new WM touchscreen phone
    PSB22, you mean you dont want a brand new 700wx?
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