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    Folks, to get back on track a bit ... the last time I tried Sprint Mobile Email on my Centro, it did not have a Corporate Mail option. I used a hack mentioned elsewhere on this forum to import my old Treo 650's BCPE configuration while using the SME binary. I believe on 9/1, Sprint will shut down their relay server and our desktop redirector will be inoperable. Guess we'll find out in a few days' time...
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    Yep, those of us using Yahoo!, GMail,, Fastmail and bunches of other services have no pain.
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    I received the same e-mail. I'm trying to activate Sprint Mobile E-Mail (as they suggested) but I keep getting these error messages:

    Error S7122 - No Server Connection
    Error S7110 - Try again
    Error S7147 - Server too busy, get bent.

    I spent an hour on the phone with Sprint Techincal support (1/2 of that time was on hold) with zero success.

    Does anyone have any experience with Sprint Mobile E-mail?
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    What I sent today:

    From: Harris, John (CHA)
    Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 4:01 PM
    Subject: Sprint’s decision to cancel Business Connection

    Mr. Hesse,

    I am writing you to express my deep dissatisfaction, disappointment and frustration with Sprint’s decision to abruptly cancel Sprint’s Business Connection (BC). BC users have been among the most loyal and longstanding of Sprint customers, myself having been a Sprint customer for over ten years currently with seven phones on my account. BC customers have purchased some of the most expensive phones Sprint sells. Personally I have purchased every Treo offered since their inception. You have pulled the plug on corporate email access, a key need for most PDA users, and yet you do not provide Palm OS users ANY substitute.

    Indeed, even if we were to upgrade our phones, the suggested “solution” provided by Sprint customer care, there is not a single Palm OS PDA phone on which Sprint Mobile Email Work is currently available.

    I have lost untold hours over the past few weeks trying to unsuccessfully find a solution that will ensure uninterrupted access to my corporate email. I am keenly interested in you thoughts and recommendations, please, Mr. Hesse.

    Kind regards,
    John B. Harris
    John B Harris
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    Sprint Really Cares About BizCon. Look, I got an email from Sprint!

    "Thank you for taking the time to write. To truly revolutionize wireless, we need your input. Its people like you who are using our services everyday that can provide the best perspective. We'll be looking through all the ideas and feedback we receive.

    This will, of course, take some time. I appreciate your patience until we can get you a response. A representative from my office will be contacting you in about a week.

    In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about our new Simply Everything plan, you can find the details at

    Once again, from all of us at Sprint, thank you.

    Dan Hesse
    President and CEO Sprint"
    For Tech Legal or Cybercrime Help visit
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    John, the letter is a bit is misleading as far as "any substitute." Long, long ago in the days of the Treo 600, I got compeltely away from relying upon Sprint's email service. It really has never been GREAT and really lacks in performance options. I looked around, tried Yahoo! Plus for a while, then FastMail, Everyone.Net and GMail. I have current IMAP accounts with the last 3 listed. As for Sprint Mobil Email, I am glad not to be using it. There really are better options available.
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    Bclinger-- I think the problem for many of us is that we need access too our corporate email (and associated documents), which is protected by a corporate firewall and therefore only accessible with a desktop redirector of the sort provided by Business Connection. (In other words, Yahoo, Gmail, and all the others won't do it for us). I look forward to hearing whether those who have installed SME over their existing BCPE redirector will indeed still have access on 9/1.

    Nice letter, jbh. Much better composed than I could manage while steam was shooting from my ears!
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    Have you talked to your IT people at work? It sounds like you are doing something that they don't really want you to do or shouldn't be doing.
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    I kept a desktop active on the home network for server purposes until recently and for a short period of time used it as a desk-top redirector for my wife for a short period until the company she worked for made some changes. Also, the company I work for uses BBs and I am the outsider on the mail issue, as I use the 800W and - what they puzzle over is that I routinely get email before the BB users do. Good luck/
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavingjan View Post
    Have you talked to your IT people at work? It sounds like you are doing something that they don't really want you to do or shouldn't be doing.
    Sure, except my megacorp's IT people tell me PalmOS is not a supported platform, and I need to go to Blackberry. We use Lotus Notes, not Exchange, so most solutions are out for me.

    The Seven beta doesn't show anything for PalmOS.

    Here's hoping SME keeps working with my desktop redirector after 9/1!
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    Though I am REALLY enjoying the 800w, IF rumor rings true and Sprint is merely phasing out the *name* of Business Connect and instilling a false sense of urgency for folks like me to upgrade into different devices (I moved from a Centro to an 800w for $249...but still!) I'll be leaving Sprint. You can bet I'm waiting for an announcement this week.
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    Congratulations on your new 800w. Sprint Business Connect is phasing out. However Sprint Mobile Email should work on the Centro as well as my old Treo 650, as well as your new Treo 800w.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilw View Post
    Congratulations on your new 800w. Sprint Business Connect is phasing out. However Sprint Mobile Email should work on the Centro as well as my old Treo 650, as well as your new Treo 800w.
    SME doesn't work on Exchange environments prior to Exchange 2000. This is the reason BC was perfect for my work use. Without a conduit to slingshot email and calendar updates from within a pre E2K setup, the Palm devices have become useless for us.

    Luckily, I was already a beta tester with SEVEN and have access to a setup that can still service me on the new 800w until I find a more permanent solution. But like I mentioned, if Sprint is about to release a renamed product (not SME...) and sent that email to everyone using BC alerting that it's going away as a method to instil urgency to upgrade into a BB or Win device as it read in my first posting...that is no way to do business IMHO.
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    I got the email and I paniced at first too but then I downloaded the new software and found everything worked fine, for me. Of course everybody's situation is different.

    I read that you enjoyed using Palm OS and BC in the past. What did Palm OS and BC do in the past, that Palm OS and Sprint Mobile Email can't do, now? I had BCPE on my Treo 650 until I upgraded from BCPE to Sprint Mobile Email. I kept my Treo 650. I didn't change OS or phones. I didn't switch to a BB or a Win device. I'm no expert but seems that Sprint Mobile Email is like a new software version to BCPE. It's kind of like a Biz Con software upgrade.

    However while I haven't run into a problem, it's possible that BC on the Palm OS supports some important feature that Sprint Mobile Email on the Palm OS doesn't.

    Are you saying BC on a Palm OS worked better with pre E2K exchange servers than Sprint Mobile Email on a Palm OS?
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    I too am locked into Business Connection because of a legacy Lotus Notes Environment that I work in.

    It is now 9/2 and mt Centro abd Business Connection is still working fine.

    The mess is that I asked for IT to send me a BB and now I have one...

    I was looking thru the Sprint Email site again this morning and now I see that SME supports notes.

    Does anyone have the straight scoop on what is going on with Business Connection and Sprint Mobile Email?

    Is it the same thing, just a different name?

    I could give back my BB, but since Sprint forced me to request a BB I might now be stuck with it and have to discontinue my sprint service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilw View Post
    Are you saying BC on a Palm OS worked better with pre E2K exchange servers than Sprint Mobile Email on a Palm OS?
    Yes. The original BC's connector can log directly into the Exchange as the user and sling shot email out to the device and the web accessible Sprint site (or SEVEN's if you are on beta). SME's connector uses ActiveSync or OWA for syncing. Pre Exchane2K environments have neither AS nor OWA so a new device was ordered. I went Win (rabid Treo fan that I am) and two colleagues went BB.

    So, Sprint got us to upgrade into new devices entirely (including renewal of our 2 year contracts) due to the urgency of that email. As with most businesses, loss of email access on the road for even a day is too risky.
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    So BC on Palm worked with Pre Exchange 2000 Servers, as does BB and Windows TREO, but Sprint Mobile Email on Palm TREO's doesn't. Thank you for the explanation. I know it's important to support legacy software even though Microsoft stopped mainstream support for Exchange 2000 a few years back, so I imagine Pre Exchange 2000 hasn't been mainstream supported by Microsoft even longer. But yes it's disappointing Sprint stopped support for this on Palm OS, when BC was upgraded to Mobile Email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilw View Post

    I don't understand the problem. Sprint's new Mobile Email should work on your existing Treo 650 phone. It should sync in real time with Microsoft Outlook on your desktop, just like BCPE. They are both made by SEVEN. In fact the Sprint Mobile Email version information says it is "Sprint Mobile Email for Palm" version 6.7.4. Download Mobile Email to your Treo 650. Once it downloads and installs, hopefully, you will be fine. Once the download installs, your Treo 650 will automatically be using Sprint Mobile Email instead. You won't be using BCPE. Mobile Email looks and feels very much like BCPE. It's important to keep the "desktop connector" you already have on Windows. Mobile Email remembers your password and everything.

    I downloaded Sprint Mobile Email version 6.7.4 last night to my Treo 650. Today, it syncs up in real time with Microsoft Outlook on my desktop, like BCPE did.

    Let me know if that doesn't work for you.
    Wilw or anyone else. I am using the SME for palm solution published elsewhere on my 755p ( As of 9/2, it is still picking up my email from the desktop client (For how much longer???).

    My request is for a link to the desktop connector/client download for the day that I need to reinstall it...

    Anyone have that (or info on how much longer this workaround will work, around)?

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    Not sure how you guys are still connected ... I had to reboot my PC running the desktop redirector, now when BCPE tries to connect, it says "Cannot find server". Anyone else confirm?

    I am using the SME client on my Centro with my "legacy" 700p BCPE settings to maintain a connection to my desktop redirector hooked into Lotus Notes.
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    I'm still connected but I haven't needed to reboot (I'm not sure how that would change anything...).
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