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    WASHINGTON -- A judge has ruled that Sprint Nextel Corp. violated California law in how it charged customers for quitting service early.

    Alameda County Superior Court Judge Bonnie Sabraw ruled Monday that Sprint will have to pay $18.2 million in cash to customers who sued over the fees and credit $54.7 million to those who were charged but did not pay the fees.

    The judge also rejected Sprint's argument that federal law pre-empts California law on the case, a determination that is expected to have a broader impact on ongoing efforts at the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the so-called "early termination fees."

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    So has anyone tried to cancel Sprint service without paying an Early Termination Fee yet?

    I'm curious!!
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    Lawyers get paid and Sprint's customers get screwed... anyone who did not understand the ETF was an *****. lol It is fairly plain... we sell you cheap phone in agreement you stay with us for 12 or 24 months. Hmmm... what is there NOT to understand?

    How about you pay full price for all phones on all carriers with no agreement available? People would complain about that as well... whine and go to court about the phones being expensive. lol
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