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    Hey guys,

    My wife and I are taking a trip to Vancouver next month and we both have Sprint Palm units (me a 700p and her a Centro)

    Will they work in Vancouver?

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    ...dont believe my phone worked up there (700p), b/c I seem to remember using the hotel phone.
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    oh...this was...last march? all in all, i've never really had signal in canada on the few visits...i don't think they have cdma for roaming at all....unless it's so close to the border that you get bleed-over.
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    Huh!? The phone should work just fine because there's plenty of CDMA roaming in Canada via Telus or Bell. You'll even have EVDO data too. You might consider adding the $2.99 Canada roaming add on which reduces the per minute roaming cost.

    P.S. Your 700p probably didn't work because you had the phone set to "Sprint only" or "Home networks only" as opposed to the correct setting for roaming which is either "automatic" or "roaming only."
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    I can confirm that your phone will work up there. I live on the border and sometimes travel to canada. Often when working real close, I will pick up a Canadian cdma tower on roaming and may get charged for its usage (I dont pay the extra for roaming to Canada).
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    ha! well, there you go! it WAS set on "home only". who knew?

    thanks...sorry for the misinformation.
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    Thanks you guys for the responses. Im really looking forward to going. I hear its beautiful.
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    It will be pretty expensive so keep your minutes down. I am on VZ and go up there a lot and it is pretty expensive.

    However you will really enjoy Vancouver. I love it up there.
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    Yes, definitely sign up for the $2.99 Canada Roaming add-on which reduces the per-minute voice roaming cost from $0.69/min to either $0.09 or $0.20 (Sprint told me two different stories). (I disputed the charges and they eventually gave me $0.09/min).
    - the Canada Roaming add-on costs $2.99/mo, you can add it pro-rate for only the days you need (only $0.10/day!). Call up before you go and tell them what dates you will want it for.
    - you may still see occasional Canadian Long-Distance charges to a small number of numbers ($0.39/min, but again you can try disputing that with cust service)
    - Sprint totally don't advertise the Canada Roaming plan (voice only) or its $0.09/min rate, anywhere! See if you can actually find it from:
    - obviously turn on the Digital Roaming (doh!). I was standing in Toronto Pearson airport wondering why I was getting "no signal" when people all around were able to make calls. (double doh! but I had to turn off the roaming to prevent unwanted roaming in supposedly "covered areas" in my home area in the US. Also, a user interface nag that the Treo doesn't prompt you to turn on Roaming when you try to make a call and there's No Signal for longer than (say) 1 minute ...)
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    I should have added that the Canada Roaming add-on is for VOICE only.
    DATA roaming in Canada is generally not available for Sprint, except in large metro areas where they offer limited coverage -
    For list, map and details see (I haven't used this):
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    Avoid using data air card in Canada unless you have deep pockets...I got hit with a $500+ charge due to a plan misunderstanding with a C.S. The charges were later removed, but it required a lot of time on the phone with several people.

    fyi: for $129 you can get 5GB of North America air card usage if you desire which is good in Canada, US, and Mexico. (vs. the std $60 domestic)

    No problem with data on the treo in Canada, it was quite fast in Toronto and Montreal. I have the 2.99 canada roaming, and it is required if you are going to make more than 1 to 2 calls while you are there.

    The .20 / minute does add up quick if you are there for a couple weeks.

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